The Power of Rainbows

Who doesn’t enjoy the magical sight of a rainbow? They are a solid reminder that there is more than meets the eye. A rainbow offers a glimpse into higher levels of love and light and is a holistic healing treatment. This post explains the power of rainbows.

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Rainbow Power

Did you know colors have the ability to shift and influence our emotions? It’s true, they actually bring the body into balance by removing blocks and healing physical pain!

Whether you’re in need of cooling work or more warming tones, color therapy is like your own personal photo edit tool.

Color therapy is also known as chromotherapy. Each color has varying wavelengths that have their own unique effect on the body.

How to use the Power of Rainbows

It’s up to you how you use color therapy and you can’t do it wrong.

Simply surround yourself with the color you want to use.

  • wear the color
  • eat or drink the color
  • make your bedding that color
  • change your curtains to that color
  • hang up a tapestry or a picture of that color
  • paint a room or accent wall that color
  • use that color for an altar cloth or in your sacred space
  • use that color light bulb in a lamp and soak in it

Find exactly what you need for Rainbow Therapy.

Use Healing Crystals of that color.

Find healing crystal stones with the color you need. You can place it physically anywhere on your body or in your pocket.

Keep them under your pillow or on your nightstand.

Use your hands and a Beam of Color

Rub your hands together to get your hand chakras warmed up. Close your eyes and place your hands over the place you’re treating. Imagine the beam of color hitting the spot that hurts.

Or just place your hands on the spots and feel the energy of that color being transmitted.

A Shield of Color

 You can close your eyes and call upon a shield of color protection. Just imagine that color surrounding you like a bubble.

Spiritual Rainbow Therapy

Wall lamp in a vertical design of a rainbow.

Rainbows can help transcend the physical to a spiritual experience.

This is because they are refracted prisms of light called rays. These rainbow colors contain the life force of our supreme creator.

Therefore, they contain all virtues, qualities, and aspects of creation.

Use them to infuse all the potential needed to co-create your best life!

The Power of Rainbows

Having color around you is great for support and balance.

For more rainbow therapy healing, read Angelic Rainbow of Light.

Now that you know the incredible power of rainbows, what are you going to do?

It’d be a shame to let this information go un-tested.

Start your color healing journey today!