What is Scrying?

If you’re new to the enchanted world of witchcraft or a spiritual journey, you might be interested in scrying. So what is scrying? It’s ancient divination where you see the unseen by gazing at a reflective surface. Just like the iconic image of a fortuneteller and her crystal ball, you too can learn this practice.…… Continue reading What is Scrying?

The Power of Rainbows

Who doesn’t enjoy the magical sight of a rainbow? They are a solid reminder that there is more than meets the eye. A rainbow offers a glimpse into higher levels of love and light and is a holistic healing treatment. This post explains the power of rainbows. *This post may contain Amazon and other affiliate…… Continue reading The Power of Rainbows

Spiritual Sticks & Stones

Spiritual sticks and stones can actually heal your bones! I’m talking about incense sticks, smudge sticks, healing crystals, and massage stones. All of the above should be in your spiritual tool bag and this post will tell you why! *This post may contain Amazon and other affiliate links. If guided, read the full disclaimer here.*…… Continue reading Spiritual Sticks & Stones

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Your Wheel of Fortune

Although the wheel of fortune in this post is about isn’t the game show, it can turn for your abundance and for your greater good. I’m talking about spirituality. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved. It’s time to experience change so take charge and turn the wheel yourself. Turn your wheel…… Continue reading Your Wheel of Fortune

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How to Really Set an Intention

Most likely everyone has heard that intention is everything and the importance of setting a clear intention. But how do you actually set an intention? *This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links. If guided, read the disclosure.* “Only when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and…… Continue reading How to Really Set an Intention

Tried Moon Milk?

Anyone interested in wellness and holistic practices have run across pictures of the pretty nighttime drink, moon milk. Moon Milk is rooted in an Ayurvedic pseudoscience tradition. It’s commonly made with milk, herbs, spices, and dried flowers. The milk provides sleep-inducing amino acids as it soothes you before bed. Why should you try Moon Milk?…… Continue reading Tried Moon Milk?

Magical Crafting

Spell crafting is customizing your own unique spell. This can be done by combining other spells together or putting a spin on an existing one. I’m a fan of turning ordinary items into magical tools. In this post, I’ll give you a couple of ideas for magical crafting. *This post may contain Amazon and other…… Continue reading Magical Crafting