Bee Still



The idea behind a Zen garden is to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation which is vital to productivity and health. Focusing on the repetitive physical movement quiets the mind and enables our ability to truly experience the present moment while reducing stress & anxiety.

An alternative to the dry landscape garden of serene, calming activity is the Bee Still bottle. The bottle contains water and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) toner. By using the magnet to move around the shards of toner we are able to see the magnetic field which is almost hypnotizing.

The activity of using the Bee Still bottle gives the benefits of using a Zen Garden and meditating. Using the Bee Still bottle as a focal point for quiet contemplation in today’s high-stress world.

We can also use it as a third-dimensional vision board like in the Law of Attraction. Creative visualization helps you develop a clearer sense of our desires. With the Bee population declining, the need to fix that problem is global. While using the bottle to “Be Still” and balance our inner world, we can also use it to “Bee Still” and manifest our honeybees back into their safe environments. We need to have bees still.

Pollination feeds the nation.

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