Is the world prepared for a 

Bee Apocolypse?

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Is the world prepared for a

The Bee Apocalypse

The bee's vital role in the ecosystem is highly taken for granted.  A direct result of their labor is highlighted in every third bite of our food.   The hard work of the bee is actually the key to our existence.

The Journal of Insect Conservation published a study finding an 89% drop in the American bumblebee population from 2007 -  2016.

Climate Changes

Varroa Mites

Biodiversity Complications


Where are our honeybees going?

Varroa Mites

Mites called Varroa destructor are infesting colonies.  The mites leave open wounds, spread viruses, and deform the babies.

Bees can ingest any pest management interventions from our gardens.


Research shows that using insecticides containing neonics is the leading cause of the massive bee die-off.

Bees are confused by the inconsistent shift in temperature.

 Climate Changes

They aren't sure where they're supposed to be or at what time.

Their food sources are being missed and trees aren't being pollinated.

Urban city structures are always being assembled resulting in habitat loss for the bees.

 Biodiversity Complications 

Our bees are suffering from poor nutrition and stressful environments.

Obviously not all of us have the desire or means to build a bee sanctuary like the meritorious, Morgan Freeman.

The badass, Mr. Freeman added Beekeeper to his ciriculum vitae, for no profit from honey.

Collective Humanity Support

The rest of us can take small, reasonable steps to help the bees thrive:

Eliminate harmful pest management

Collective Humanity Support

Plant bee-friendly flowers

Make a bee bath

Spread the word

Build a bee hotel

87% of our food crops rely on pollinators world-wide.

Bees are essential for growing crops, but also for pollinating the plants to feed livestock.

Bees are essential

Did You Know?

The Gods ate ambrosia and nectar for immortality.

These are considered similar to honey or mead.

The Sacred Bee

 “A land flowing with milk and honey.” ~ Exodus 3:17 on the Promised Land for the Israelites.

The Sacred Bee

In beekeeping monasteries, monks use beeswax to make their service candles.

  Early Christians considered the bee and the wax sacred.

The Sacred Bee

The very work that bees do – pollinating the land and helping the plants and crops grow – has been compared to holy work. A Byzantine farming book from the 10-century called Geoponika shows us the importance of bees: “The bee is the wisest and cleverest of all animals and the closest to man in intelligence; its works is truly divine and of the greatest use to mankind.”

Pollinating the land and helping to grow plants and crops has been compared to holy work.

Because of the pollination, tne honeybee symbolism relates to fertility and sexuality.

The Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun.

Every aspect of the bee’s life has a certain meaning.

It's obvious from all the attributes and roles of our bees that they are way more powerful than humans.

Add your voice to the collective consciousness. Raise the vibrations of the world you live in.

We could survive a bee apocolypse, but life would change drastically.

The choice for food, the beauty of nature, and the ecosystem would be a sad sight.