The Yin & Yang of TF

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu

Twin Flames, also known as “mirrored souls” are said to be one soul in two bodies. The purpose of this is to experience duality and to get the modern world of romantic relationships back to unconditional love.

Once believed that humanity could benefit higher vibrations radiating off of the twins, they volunteered to inspire and uplift the earth’s cosmic super consciousness energy field. They each have specific duties.

Law of Gender

Although each relationship is unique, the general events of the Twin Flame journey plays out in certain stages: Meet, fall in love, the honeymoon phase, turmoil & chaos, separation, healing, and finally, union.

It seems in this time period that most twins are in the separation phase of their journey.

To achieve wholeness, the twins must integrate the masculine and feminine energies. It’s not possible to measure this process with time as its twin couple unique. We can dedicate ourselves to the inner work and use exercises to relieve the emotional pain.

To begin to unify the masculine and feminine energies, we must understand that we all possess both energies, along with positive and negative poles inside our body and consciousness. Every male has the components of female energy within his body and specific feminine principles in his Lightbody, and vice versa.

Everything is created from the Law of Gender.

When we live in harmony with the Law of Gender we manifest profound spiritual healing. Karmic burdens and outdated beliefs can be released quicker allowing a quicker union.

Open & Clear Sacred Crystal Heart

Now seems like a good time to explore and understand the feelings and language communicating directly with the divine. Functions of the heart complex organ include feeling energies. This is where we will feel our unconditional love.

Maybe the most important aspect of awakening is when we learn to open our crystal heart. We will visit a wide range of emotional spectrums during this time because we aim to resolve emotional conflicts.

Our sacred crystal heart is where we receive inner wisdom of cellular knowledge. Humanity is facing a crisis of consciousness from a lack of love as a whole. If we open our sacred crystal heart, we increase knowledge through an energetic balance to provide more spiritual healing to the world.

Divine Feminine (DF)

The merging of The Great Father and the Great Mother is divine wholeness.

The Divine Feminine is often referred to as the DF. Most likely, she awakens shortly after meeting her twin. The DM’s soul recognized its counterpart and triggered her spiritual awakening.

The DF will most likely develop a strong connection with the spiritual world if she doesn’t have one already. It is important to balance out the feminine and masculine energies in order to reach union. Mastering the physical world of career and finances is the goal of the DF.

Divine Masculine (DM)

The Divine Masculine (DM) is grounded, sensible, and wise. He has great structure with the material world and makes logical decisions.

It’s common for the DM to reject inner trauma. Social conditioning has taught us that masculine energy is penalized for being highly emotional. Therefore the DM isn’t skilled in accessing deep feelings or identify any.

If we don’t have contact with our twin we can’t help them in person. But we can help our twin by doing our own inner work. We are the same soul, right?

Inner Healing & Clearing

Waiting around for union can be a long process. In the meantime, we have to make ourselves the number one priority. We have to go within and really explore.

While journeying within ourselves, keep in mind that this is much more than healing to prepare for union. We heal our emotional bodies to step into the best versions of ourselves. We gain heart-based qualities of expressing compassion, empathy, and forgiveness towards others.

If we hold one gender as higher importance we set ourselves up for failure in our personal relationships. When masculine’s project hatred towards feminines it can destroy their inner feminine. Same for the feminine’s that project hatred towards masculine’s, they destroy their inner masculine.

We project our unconscious feelings about ourselves onto others. Our souls are begging for the inner work needed to transcend. During separation, we can build a strong emotional and spiritual core by healing painful patterns.

Returning to our childhood to observe the memories that formed our belief system can expose deep perceptions. Addressing where we hold painful conflict or emotional trauma we can begin to decode the buried patterns.

Uniting the qualities of gender roles is achievable. By studying their aspects we can synthesize the polarities back into neutral or unity. By doing this we are fulfilling our divine purpose.

Tweak our Sex Life

When we engage in sexual intimacy, we produce natural heart-based emotions. Linking the emotional energetic circuitry to our physical intimacy is another piece of us called the pericardium channel. Our sensory experiences during expressions of love will be blocked if we don’t have an open heart.

Aside from our inner work during separation, we need to practice self-care and allow ourselves a social life. This includes entertaining a casual partner if we wish. We are not expected to save ourselves for our twin in hopes that their free will leads them back to us. The DF probably knows her twin is most likely in an active karmic situation right now.

I am in no way suggesting that anyone conduct an orgy of partners while they’re single. I am in no way suggesting that anyone compromise their self-respect and remain single forever.

I am suggesting to believe your worth and never settle for crumbs.

For those that choose to engage in other partners, know that sex without love disrupts the emotional bond and heart connection and can result in energetic blockages around the pericardium.

Essentially, sex without a heart connection creates pericardial imbalances that commonly lead to destructive relationship patterns.

Negative vibrations accumulate over time and block our soul emotional body through the heart center. The mental and emotional experience is influenced by the pericardium.

Be Open to # Signs

Most twins experience reoccurring number sequences. The most common is 111, or 1111.

A strong sign of a twin flame union is when we see the number 22, which represents duality – Yin, & Yang. Two becoming one and the activation of our DNA, healing and clearing each other is also indicated.

22 tells us that two parallel events are aligned and the universe is pulling twin flames closer to each other.

We should be mindful to show our gratitude to the universe for the signs and in turn experience more of them.

Healing & Harmonizing

Love is the strongest healing and harmonizing force available on this planet. We learn that true love exists for ourselves and mirrors on the external.

The natural flow to be expressed will find a solution to our problems when we surrender. Worrying about a situation instead of living in the here and now is 3D behavior.

Making ourselves a priority isn’t selfish, it’s actually recommended. Employing self-care and inner work and releasing anything else to the universe leaves us in a higher vibration, heals our twin, and aligns us closer to our union.

The divine is ONE with the forces of love.


~ Victoria ☯︎