Victoria, Recently Enchanted

And this is the part where you find out who you are …

This is me accepting my earth mission to help you remember the mystical enchantment of our existence.

🐝 Let’s stop ignoring the bee problem. Pollination feeds the nation. Pollinators, mount up! 🐝

Hi, I’m Victoria. I just want to help you, Mother Earth, the bees, and the ocean. An important part of my mission is to intensify the light of the lower dimension.

I’ll be your guide to becoming the new human:

  • live from your soul perspective
  • remove yourself from the restrictions of the collective consciousness
  • be fully conscious of your innate power & connectedness
  • forgive & release karmic lessons

I’m just a soul trying to help other souls do soul stuff.

We walk different paths for the same reason. The call to help others during the global ascension is loud. My resume doesn’t highlight expertise on enlightenment, but I’ve had hella exposure to it and earned a self-transformation along the way.

The awakening process is mistaken as a blissful event when in reality, it’s more like a Pomeranian-Sloth hybrid that’s hangry during the apocalypse. I resonate with that description and offer guidance to like-minded ascending spirits.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Electronics are on a separate recycling stream, while ignitable, corrosive, or toxic products can harm water quality, wildlife, and human health. Some materials are just not suitable for the curbside bin. Recycling is confusing. So, I’ll do it for you.

Morality is key to supporting the planet. Take the ‘humanity challenge’ and give it your best shot. Come on, people, we need to leave the planet in good shape for Betty White after we’re gone.

Near Charleston, WV or neighboring towns? I can help.

Big Chimney ♻︎ Pinch ♻︎ Elkview ♻︎ Sissonville

Kanawha City ♻︎ St. Albans ♻︎ Nitro ♻︎ Belle

Cross Lanes ♻︎ Dunbar

Reuse is the best ♻️ Habitat for Humanity 🌏 🌎 Institute of Scrap Recycling Institute 🌍

If you need extra hands in the garden or a solution for uncommon recycling materials, I’ll undertake that task & expect nothing in return.