Hermit Energy

The Hermit is a card in the tarot deck associated with wisdom and discovering the truth. This post will teach you how to channel the energy of the Hermit.

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The Tarot Deck

Interestingly, the tarot deck is used for playing games as well as for the purpose of divination.

Modern tarot decks can be traced back to the 15th century. Truly, there are countless amazing decks, but the Rider-Waite is the most used.

Basically, you don’t have to be a magic practitioner to use this collection of seventy-eight cards.

White t-shirt with a hand holding The Moon tarot card.
The Moon Tarot Card

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter which deck you use or where you get it from. The magical thing about the medium is the way you interact with it.

The cards merely provide a tangible way to connect your power and intuition.

Certainly, there are many different ways to use the tarot.

Hermit Tarot Card

This is the ninth trump or major arcana in the deck. Ultimately, the Hermit’s lesson is that all answers are within.

The Hermit card is associated with the sign of Virgo, which both have ties with work. Further, accomplishment and achieving your goals are highlighted.

However, the meaning of the card is vast but steady:

  • your highest guidance within
  • introspection
  • gaining wisdom
  • self-reflection
  • spiritual awakening

Be aware of the cons of the card’s meaning:

  • isolation
  • feeling lonely
  • withdrawal
  • invisibility
  • paranoia

As can be seen, the Hermit is depicted in many different ways by different outstanding artists.

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Hermit stands in a long, black cloak with the hood partially hiding his face.

His right arm is extended and he’s holding up a lantern. It’s lit by a six-pointed star.

His left hand holds a tall staff.

Channeling Hermit Energy

So, we’re going to channel the energy through an intention-setting art magic spell.

Basically, we’re going to call on the Hermit’s qualities through corresponding words.

What you’ll need:

  • wooden craft lantern (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
  • the Hermit tarot card
  • paints
  • paintbrushes
  • sharpie

Clear the Energetic Debris

Start by smudging yourself and the area using any sort of smoke bath:

Alternatively, simply imagine the bright, white light of the divine filling the room.

Next, ground yourself by imagining roots growing out of your root chakra. See it connecting to the Earth’s core.

Protect Yourself

Finally, encircle yourself with a bright, white light. Thank your angels for keeping you safe.

Now, you’re ready to connect with the energy of the Hermit.

Spell Crafting

At this time, breathe in the energy of the Hermit. When ready, write your intention on the lantern with a marker. Remember, this can just be the qualities, or what you want that energy to do for you.

When you’re finished, paint the lantern to seal in your intent.

Finally, thank the Hermit for helping you.

Why Channel Hermit Energy?

Truthfully, you could channel the Hermit energy for lots of reasons like soul-searching and self-development.

An introspection phase is suggestive of the Hermit. Therefore, are you looking for answers within? Or, maybe the Hermit has shown up as a guide.

It’s important to be still and listen after asking these questions.

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