Multi-Day Spells

Multi-day spells are workings that span across consecutive days. They add extra effort and allow you to build up more energy. Is a multi-day spell right for you?

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What is a Multi-Day Spell?

Multi-day spells require dedication and continuous effort. Typically, specific actions will be performed over the course of several days. Each day you’ll build upon the previous day’s work.

For example, you can add herbs, chants, candle magic, draw sigils, or visualization.

These spells often require careful planning to ensure enough time and energy to commit to the duration of the spell.

Notably, these spells often involve ritualistic practices. For example, creating an altar or a sacred space to cast for a while.

Why do a Multi-Day Spell

Try this type of spellwork for complex intentions. They allow you to work an ambitious spell without draining your energy.

Essentially you can recharge, and ground between casting so you’re not exhausted.

Another reason is to get a clear idea of developing your goal. A multi-day spell could help you stay fully focused.

This type of extended casting keeps a continuous connection with our intent. This can amplify the spell’s effectiveness and our connection to the desired outcome.

How to do a Multi-Day Spell

If you’d like to give it a try, here is a basic guideline.

  • Set a clear intention.
  • Collect all tools and ingredients.
  • Determine how many days you want your spell to last.
  • Create a sacred space.
  • Begin your spell.
  • On each subsequent day, return to your sacred space and repeat the steps or enhance it.
  • On the final day, close your spell and be thankful for all the energies invoked during the process.

Multi-Day Candle Spell

Multi-day candle magic is a popular way to manifest over the course of days.

Notably, a vigil candle or a pillar candle is burned for 3, 5, or 7 days. However, do your spell as long as you feel guided.

Basically, it involves lighting a specific colored candle and meditating on your intention. Additionally, you can add a petition for what you’re asking for.

woman doing a spell jar at an altar

Essentially these vigils or pillars are used commonly in spellwork. They can represent an eternal flame on your altar or represent a God or Goddess. Additionally, they can stand in for the elements.

You can do these spells as elaborate as you’d like, but below is a basic version to get you started.

  • Choose a candle color representing your intention, or make your own.
  • Light the candle each day while focusing on your intention. Meditate, visualize, or say affirmations.
  • Allow it to burn for a specific amount of time, however long resonates with your spell.
  • If using a petition paper, fold it and put it under the candle.

Research your tools and ingredients to understand their properties before incorporating them into your craft.

Remember, your magical practice relies on your own beliefs and intentions.

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