Magical Crafting

Spell crafting is customizing your own unique spell. This can be done by combining other spells together or putting a spin on an existing one. I’m a fan of turning ordinary items into magical tools. In this post I’ll give you a couple ideas for magical crafting. *This post may contain Amazon and other affiliate…… Continue reading Magical Crafting

The Magick of Moon Milk

Essentially, Moon Milk is warm milk mixed with a relaxing blend of herbs and spices. But, there is more to it than a comforting drink that will help you unwind. This Ayurveda tradition means ‘knowledge of life’ and is a holistic approach to connecting the body and mind. Try this ancient ritual as a remedy…… Continue reading The Magick of Moon Milk

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Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

The universe constantly sends us signs and synchronicities. Common signs are through numbers, feathers, and animals. Being open to receive these messages will help you notice them more. Synchronicity is how I learned I was having a spiritual awakening. Since then, I’ve learned to actively communicate with the universe, my guides, and angels. In this…… Continue reading Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

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Do You See Nature Spirits?

When we spiritually wake up, we change physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. New energies activate experiences that otherwise would be considered mythical. At some point, we all have the “do ___ exist?” conversation. We discuss ghosts, bigfoot, and UFOs. Even the admission of belief, if we share our experiences, they say we’re crazy! I’m curious…… Continue reading Do You See Nature Spirits?

Types of Emotional Manipulation

Psychological abuse is becoming ever more pervasive. People silently suffer because of a bully, a group of friends, and even entire family dynamics. What’s more, many are unaware that they are purposely being harmed. On the other hand, some don’t have the courage to dispute harm. Accordingly, let’s weigh up some different types of emotional…… Continue reading Types of Emotional Manipulation

Are You Recently Enchanted?

Eventually, we can’t ignore the mind-altering changes we experience. The more prominent events can lead to dissociation. For example, whispers nobody else hears, or fleeting shadows. In time, our tethering thoughts team up with turbulent emotions. As a result, we’re chauffeured to the edge of insanity. So, what’s going on? Are we losing our minds?…… Continue reading Are You Recently Enchanted?

How the Chakras Receive Intuition

We can actually communicate with the many facets of our bodily form. For instance, the seven main chakras. A chakra signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Each center correlates to a major nerve that’s branched from the spinal column. Further, each chakra relates to both physical and emotional components. Did you…… Continue reading How the Chakras Receive Intuition

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