Your Wheel of Fortune

Although the wheel of fortune in this post is about isn’t the game show, it can turn for your abundance and for your greater good. I’m talking about spirituality. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved. It’s time to experience change so take charge and turn the wheel yourself. Turn your wheel of fortune for the greater good.

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What is the Wheel of Fortune

What exactly is the Wheel of Fortune?

In medieval and ancient philosophy the Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae) is a symbol of fate.

The Wheel actually belongs to the Goddess Fortuna and she spins it at random. She’s usually blindfolded as she turns the large Wheel that changes the positions of those on the wheel.

Even though the Goddess is the one in charge, these days she’s sometimes confused with Lady Luck. Her Wheel is no longer a strong symbol and she’s often associated with gambling.

The wheel of fortune represents things going your way.

In tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card is a bringer of surprises. It’s about embracing your destiny and living your purpose. It talks about bringing growth and progress into your life.

The Wheel of Fortune tells you to keep your faith and believe. 

This card brings the news that good things and breakthroughs are coming to your life. 

This card is reminding you to get yourself out of a cycle so you can transform and grow.

Turn Your Wheel of Creating Abundance

Your wheel of fortune turns by stepping into your personal power. Shifting the energy spins your wheel.

This is because you’ll energetically start vibrating on a different frequency. In turn, it creates a domino effect on everything around you.

Before this can happen you have to start focusing more on what you want rather than what others want out of you.

A huge part of taking back your personal power and spiritual growth is letting go of what other people say.

Your personality lets people have control of your life decisions. They know they can manipulate you into doing what you believe to be the “right thing”.

In reality, the right thing is always what you want. Without taking anyone’s opinions, thoughts, feelings, or advice into consideration.

You can’t live your truth if you believe that you’re stuck in a situation and “can’t” have the life you want because of what someone else thinks or because of troubles from the past then you’re not living your truth or your life.

Be dedicated to your spirituality. Eventually, you’ll learn to see with your spiritual eyes and listen with your spiritual ears.

Move with ease and grace and view everything with unconditional love.

As you evolve into a spiritual human being, you’ll become more capable of profound thought and complicated concepts. You also have a capacity for deeper, more intense love.

When you integrate the vibrational formula of abundance and accepted it as your truth, it becomes a part of your energetic signature and those frequency patterns of abundance radiate forth from your solar power center in an infinity sign and the universe will return to you those things you require as abundance.

Become a Spiritually Conscious Co-Creator

Manifest your spiritual vision by defining what you wish to create and seeing it clearly. You’re a conscious co-creator so you first have to manifest being a refined evolved being and a harmonious way of life.

So you should seek abundance, joy, peace, creativity, good health, and satisfying relationships.

You’ll also become a master of self who is actively fulfilling your divine mission.

Being able to appreciate what your soul feels and turning your own wheel of fortune is a magical experience we are lucky to live.

You have the power to live at ease, fearless, happy, free, and for you only. Every boundary you put up, and every decision you make for the betterment of your soul’s growth can be made without conflict.

The right thought, action, conservation, and proper intention harness the power to produce tangible riches from the formless substance that flows throughout the universe.

There’s no need to repeat lessons when you understand it was all for soul growth.

Turn Your Own Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune metaphor has been popular since medieval times and Shakesphere has mentioned it in a couple of his works. Spiritually, the Goddess and her wheel are amazing guides in this lifetime.

The Wheel of Fortune represents recognition of the cycles of life. It can indicate the end of a problematic period.

The Wheel is all about the way we navigate the ups and downs.

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Affirmation ~ I am so grateful, thankful, and blessed. I am ready.

Stay grounded, magical ones!