What is Scrying?

If you’re new to the enchanted world of witchcraft or a spiritual journey, you might be interested in scrying. So what is scrying? It’s ancient divination where you see the unseen by gazing at a reflective surface. Just like the iconic image of a fortuneteller and her crystal ball, you too can learn this practice. However, the tools you can use are vast.

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Scrying History

Scry: /skrī/ verb


  1. foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface. “a mirror used for scrying”

Origin early 16th-century shortening of descry – “catch sight of“.

Essentially, scrying is a form of divination. This technique of seeing images are messages from the divine or supernatural.

They appear on some sort of surface. The most popular ways to scry are into a crystal ball, a mirror, and water. However, you can use any surface, and my favorite way is smoke.

It’s safe to say this practice has been around for a long time. The art of scrying appears throughout history around the world.

In ancient Egypt, people would put a drop of oil on their thumbnails to obtain spiritual wisdom. In short, they looked into the shiny surface for images from the spiritual realm.

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Why Scry?

Although its most commonly believed that scrying is for the purpose of seeing the future, keep in mind that the future isn’t set in stone therefore it can only be speculated.

So, if you can’t see the future then why scry? So you can receive messages and spiritual guidance! Also, you use your second sight and reveal the unseen.

Another reason to scry is to connect with nature spirits. I love to see what’s happening around me in the spiritual realm. Especially the faeries!

Faeries and nature spirits show up in my photos all the time while I scry.

Scrying just might be your gateway to all your psychic gifts!

How to Scry

You should practice scrying in a dark room preferably at night.

Ultimately, there isn’t a formal uniformity to follow. In other words, there is no right way to scry. Matter of fact, over the many ages, more ways to scry have been discovered and taught.

Likewise, you don’t need any tools or fancy skills at all. Divination is always available to everyone.

Undoubtedly, anytime you’re tapping into unknown energies from the spirit world, safety measures are important.

Clear out Energetic Debris

Start by smudging yourself and the area to clear the energy. You can use any sort of smoke bath to smudge:

Alternatively, you can use the light of the divine to clear out energies.

Simply imagine a bright white cloud of smoke filling the room. See it enter from one spot and grow until the entire room is white and cloudy.

Get Grounded

Next, ground yourself. Whenever you’re doing spiritual work it’s a good idea to ground your energies.

To begin with, simply imagine red roots growing out of your root chakra. See it pierce the earth’s surface and grow through the rock and rubbish to the center of the earth.

Protect Yourself

Once this is done, set the intention of only connecting with beings of love and light.

Next, encircle yourself with a bright, white light of the divine. Thank your angels and guides for keeping you safe.

Scry, Baby!

Finally, just relax and be open to receiving.

Scrying can be used to ask questions. You can communicate with a certain spirit, like your ancestors. Or, you can just direct the question to the spirit realm and your guides.

If you have a specific question now is the time to state it. Now, softly gaze at your medium and try not to blink too often.

Keep in mind that when we’re scrying, we’re using our third eye. Or rather, “second sight”.

Therefore, turn your focus inward and allow any images to form and present themselves. Notice any sensations or visions.

Scrying Medium

Particularly what should you use to scry? This depends on what you prefer!

The most common scrying tools are the crystal ball, and mirror. But, there are many alternative tools.

We know the fortuneteller uses her crystal ball, but have fun exploring scrying with:

  • crystals
  • mirror
  • bowl of water
  • candle wax
  • candle flame
  • tea leaves
  • smoke
  • fire
  • clouds
  • oil

I love to use smoke as my scrying medium. In particular, a sage smudge stick.

To point out, they’re bigger than incense so you’ll have more smoke to work with. Provided that you keep blowing on the fire, you’ll be able to generate a lot of smoke.

Modern Day Scrying

Another way I like to scry is by using the mist in an oil diffuser.

I gaze at the mist as it flows out and around.

Depending on your intention, you can use a specific oil. For example, you could use clove oil for protection, or, eucalyptus for purification.

Cedar and Frankincense are good for enhancing psychic abilities and connecting to the spirit world.

I gaze at the mist and take in all the shapes and forms I see. Then, I snap some pictures on my cell.

Doing this allows me to really study the photos and appreciate all that shows up.

The best time to review the pictures is when it’s the darkest outside. Make sure the room is completely dark and the lighting from your phone screen is dim.

Slowly increase the brightness so you can discover better images while you zoom in and out.

Record the Messages

You should consider recording any messages even if it’s just experimentation. You might decide later to make scrying a permanent practice.

Spend some time journaling about what you felt and saw. Remember, not all messages might be clear at first. Spirit communicates through metaphors and symbolism. That’s up to you to decipher.

Spiral Notebook with a picture of a Woman meditating with blue butterflies lifting up her hair. My Highest Guidance Within text overlay in blue.

Journal Everything!

Develop Your Scrying Abilities

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything at first. Eventually, you’ll learn the best methods of enhancing your focus and sharpening your visualization skills.

With practice, you’ll become familiar with ways of receiving messages.

Keep in mind the way you prepare both your environment and yourself can help to achieve optimum results. 

Tell me your favorite divination practice!