Candle Gazing

Did you know that candle gazing is a way to practice meditation? This ancient practice is called Trataka and it takes an alternate route to closing the eyes to turn inward. Truly, keeping the eyes open and having an object to focus on makes it easier to stay focused. Of course, we get all the usual benefits from practicing Trataka. But, this tradition has several other benefits.

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Why try Candle Gazing?

You know how a flickering candle flame is calming or how meditative it appears? This meditation involves staring at a flame as your subject of focus.

People who have trouble quieting the mind chatter find this form of meditation very efficient. That’s because it’s easier to stay focused on a 3D object. It’s also a fun transcendental meditation.

On the whole, this meditation can result in:

  • calming
  • alleviates stress & anxiety
  • improves concentration
  • teaches patience
  • strengthens clarity
  • sharpens intuition
  • trigger clairvoyance
  • improves memory
  • improves eyesight

How to Candle Gaze

First, get grounded since you’ll be tapping into unknown energies.

As with any other meditation practice, setting your space prepares you to get in the zone.

Basically, arrange elements to enhance your experience and make it special. Do whatever that feels like for you. 

You may want to use this particular form of meditation at night, or just dim the lights. Maybe use only natural lighting or a salt lamp is a good idea. Salt lamps add a warm ambience to the room and has multiple incredible benefits.

Tip – rubbing essential oil on your salt rock will heat up the oil and disperse the scent safely.

Now, bring your awareness to your physical places touching the ground. Next, us your mind’s eye to visualize red roots sprouting from those places. See them grow through the dirt and rock. Finally, anchor it in the center of the earth.

Ready to try candle gazing?

  1. Place your candle – place your candle on a hard surface away from anything flammable. It’s more comfortable if the candle is eye level. Make sure you turn off fans and close windows.
  2. Get comfortable – get comfortable how you do in any other sitting meditation. A meditation cushion or weighted blanket can help if this activity is long.

3. Light the candle.

4. Gaze at the flame – take a few deep breaths and focus on the flame. Now that it has your interest, stare at it without blinking. To protect your eyes, gaze at the base or to either side so its in your peripheral vision. Surrender to the mesmerizing flickering. Lose detail and perception of the picture melt together in kind of go flat.

5. Anchor in your experience – When you have to close your eyes because they will probably water, you’ll see the image of the candle. Direct it up to your brow chakra until the vision completely fades. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly during meditation.

Scrying, a form of Divination

Scrying is a type of divination to receive messages from the spirit realm. Its performed by gazing into a smooth surface of some sort of medium. For example, water, fire, smoke, a mirror, and more.

The flame of a candle can be used for scrying. Fires in your cauldron and bonfires can also be used.

Before scrying, put up some form of protection to keep you safe. When receiving messages from the spirit world, it’s important to take safety measures.

Do You Do these forms of Spiritual Practices?

Candle gazing can enhance your spiritual practice and your general well-being. It’s also versatile.

Setting intentions are an important part of spiritual work. A fun way of adding intention into any form of candle gazing is by using your own intention candle.

*Read DIY Intention Candles.*

Or, just choose a colored candle that supports your intention. Don’t overlook small details you can add to any spiritual work that adds power to it.

Let me know if you tried any of these types of candle gazing below!

Love & Blessings!


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