DIY Intention Candles

Ask any witch, spiritual person, or female, and they’ll all say you can’t have too many candles. Chiefly, candles and magick go hand in hand. For example, blowing out your birthday candles. A wish is essentially a spell. By the same token, witches imbue candles with energy for a spell. Likewise, in my spiritual practice, I imbue my candles with an intention. Undoubted, it’s the same thing. Do you know how easy it is to DIY intention candles?

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What are Intention Candles?

Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of spellcraft. Specifically, the candle is a focus tool for a magical outcome, or to meditate on something you’re releasing. To clarify, the forms of candle craft are endless!

Candle magick is so powerful because of the fire’s transformational abilities.

Spells are powered by intentions and energy. I love pouring my energy into the tools I crafted myself. This way, I’m powering my spells even more with my intention. This is true whether I’m performing a ritual or adding ambiance and intention to my spiritual practice.

Think about what you’re using your candles for. Your intention will affect what properties go into your candle. This includes herbs and oils, crystal chips, the candle color, and even the energy you channel into your DIY intention candles. 

Materials Needed

  • Wax – Three most popular waxes are beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin wax.
  • Double Boiler
  • Herbs
  • Wicks – Two most popular wick options are cotton wicks and wood wicks. 
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Candle Dye
  • Flowers
  • Holders – Mason jars, glass, ceramic, or metal containers.
  • Essential Oil
  • Crystal Chips
  • Candle Making Kit – OR you could get a kit.

Make sure you’re using heat-safe containers. Do Not use just any glass jar.

Of course, what you add to your candle is optional. Get crafty with it! Add items that resonate with your goal.

Candle Colors

This is not an exhaustive list of candle color meanings. Just to get you started, here’s common meanings:

  • White – abundance, success, & peace.
  • Blue – peace, communication, problem-solving, & learning.
  • Dark Blue – changes, depression.
  • Light Blue – serenity, meditation, healing, & patience.
  • Pink – relationships, romantic love, self-love, friendships, & family relationships.
  • Red – romantic love, self-love, passion, & courage.
  • Black – reflecting, ambition, banishing, & home blessings.
  • Brown – abundance, earth or animal-related, grounding, stability, balance.
  • Yellow – energy, creativity, joy, & intelligence.
  • Purple – spirituality, psychic powers, wisdom, intuition, hidden knowledge.
  • Green – wealth, money, abundance, luck, & growth.
  • Orange – confidence, success, encouragement, & power.

Cleanse Your Candle

Smudge your candle and then enchant it to seal in the intention.

  1. Visualize a bright light surrounding your candle and cleansing it.
  2. Hold your candle and visualize your intention going into the candle.
  3. Repeat your intention, say a prayer or an incantation over your candle.

Ready to DIY an Intention Candle?

Many newbies to intention candles ask me where to begin. Understandably, there is a lot of information out there!

The most important thing to remember is that there’s no wrong way to craft an intention candle. Always follow your intuition and do what feels right to you.

Hopefully, this post gave some clarity on how to begin.

Remember, Intention is Everything!


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