Magical Crafting

Spell crafting is customizing your own unique spell. This can be done by combining other spells together or putting a spin on an existing one. I’m a fan of turning ordinary items into magical tools. In this post I’ll give you a couple ideas for magical crafting. *This post may contain Amazon and other affiliate…… Continue reading Magical Crafting

Candle Gazing

Did you know that candle gazing is a way to practice meditation? This ancient practice is called Trataka and it takes an alternate route to closing the eyes to turn inward. Truly, keeping the eyes open and having an object to focus on makes it easier to stay focused. Of course, we get all the…… Continue reading Candle Gazing

Need a Disenchantment?

It’s easy to fall victim to naughty magick. Likewise, we create negativity for ourselves. In reality, there are countless scenarios for why lower vibrations, dark magick, or spirits attack. Have you asked yourself lately if you need a disenchantment? Above all, our oblivion makes us vulnerable to paranormal and mystical attachments. The things that go…… Continue reading Need a Disenchantment?

How To Enchant Stuff

I use the word enchant a lot. I like it. Generally, as a metaphor, it’s known as having great delight or pleasure with someone or something. It resonates with the way I feel about the universe. In the mystical world, enchanting is turning normal things into magical things. If you’re curious, this post will teach…… Continue reading How To Enchant Stuff