Make a Pledge Jar

A pledge is a serious promise we make. Much like we pledge our allegiance to the flag, we’re going to pledge something to ourselves. This post will show you how to make a pledge jar.

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What is a Pledge?

Pledge. noun. 1. a solemn promise or undertaking.

Essentially, the full meaning of a pledge is an agreement to do or refrain from doing something.

In the same way we take a pledge to commit to something else, we’re pledging to ourselves to achieve a goal.

Think of it like a professional oath, like the ones federal employees take or judges and the president. But, instead of taking an oath to the public, you’re taking an oath to your spiritual team and your higher self.

Why Make this Jar?

Taking a pledge is a form of pre-commitment. This is a psychological strategy for sticking to goals we might otherwise give up.

When we’re trying to build good habits, the jar will help us stick with what we incorporate every day.

Using the same idea of a pledge jar is the same as an inspiration basket or a vision board. This way, you’re most likely to show up for yourself.

Your goal here is pure growth in every aspect of your life. It’s a way to reinforce you to take inspired action.

How to Make a Pledge Jar

Making your jar couldn’t be easier. Find a jar you like and you’re done. Really.

If you want, you can dress up your jar with ribbons and charms, or, paint it.

To use your jar simply write down your pledge and drop it in. Imagine yourself completing the task as you write it down. Say your pledge out loud. Now every time you look at the jar you’ll be reminded of your goal and encourage you to stick to it.


  • I’m going to take a walk every day
  • journal for a few minutes
  • stay away from sugar today
  • exercise for 20 minutes today
  • make a healthy dinner
  • work ___ amount of time on a passion project

Now, not only are you committing to a task you need to be done, but you’re building a habit.

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