Inspiration Basket to Manifest

Using creativity as a manifestation tool sets a clear intention. Enter the inspiration basket. With this in mind, it’s like a 3D vision board or a manifestation box. With this in mind, it also inspires you to keep your intention on track. In this post, I show you how to create an inspiration basket to manifest.

Be Inspired

It’s not enough to just channel your intentions, you also need to be inspired. An inspiration basket reminds you of what you really want and deserve. This will lend extra power to your manifestation. By all means, a manifestation box is a great manifesting practice. However, it hides your desires inside and a vision board can be big and bulky.

Having a pretty basket full of your desires will keep you inspired to keep up your manifesting exercise.

An inspiration basket works if you always trust in the abilities and gifts that you possess. Trusting in yourself will help you in achieving your highest potential. You will only achieve great things if you believe in your abilities. Be confident about your abilities to co-create with the universe, and you will surely make your dreams come true.

Inspiration Basket to Manifest

So, the first step is to find a basket that speaks to you. Really, anything that pleases you to look at. If you feel guided, decorate it and give it your personal touch. Remember, the Law of Attraction works best off of feeling.

Click on the pictures to find the perfect inspiration basket for you today!

Next, set your intention. Write it out on a piece of paper or get crafty with markers and glitter. When adding your intention to the basket, really envision it happening. Really feel the emotion of having what you desire. Lay the intention paper at the bottom of the basket.

Finally, fill your basket with objects that represent your desire. For example, say you want to manifest a new car. You could put a matchbox car inside your basket. Every time you look at the basket, you’ll see the car and get excited.

Happy Manifesting!