Proof of Evolution in DNA

A large group of geneticists agrees that humanity is going through a leap of evolution because our DNA is changing faster than normal. Granted that these geneticists acknowledge evolution, they aren’t sure what we are evolving into. As a result of about 97% of “junk DNA” becoming active, we are becoming more intuitive and intelligent. Along with scientific proof of evolution in DNA, this post shares channeled messages from higher realms on the same.

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Proof of Evolution in Expanding DNA Strands

The conventional DNA model is believed to carry the informational code made from four chemical bases. There are about 3 billion bases in the average human DNA and over 99 percent of DNA is the same in all people.

A double helix is a spiral of two DNA strands. DNA structure stores more than 700 terabytes of information in a single gram. Nature Chemistry published findings from researchers at Cambridge proving that four-stranded quadruple helix DNA structures exist.

Modern medicine acknowledged the first case of 3 DNA strands around 20 years ago. A British toddler named Alfie Clamp became the first person in the world to be born with an extra strand in his DNA.

There is more to DNA than storing genetic information. Scientific research proves that DNA holds genetic codes for our physical and emotional evolution through frequencies of language.

Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist, Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. Their research explains why affirmations, autogenous training, and hypnosis have effects on the human body.

Added perception and awareness are a few predictions this mutation of DNA will bring.

In addition, activating DNA beyond the two strands will allow us to anchor high-frequency energies that will heal and change the body. The result will extend the lifespan activate dormant abilities.

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Angelic Knowledge on Evolution & Human DNA

The angelic kingdom is more active on earth than ever before. Archangel Michael says stored within our DNA are etheric time capsules that hold the memory essence of all past lives. They have elements of past civilizations and cultures.

In the omniverse, divine timing refers to geometric, galactic, cosmic, and energetic alignment. When we exist at a frequency within a compatible energy system then it’s time. Naturally, this level automatically releases stored aspects of DNA. Now, we’re able to understand and integrate them.

There’s a physically taxing process that rapidly upgrades the body. DNA sequences are fired off so we can access the full potential encoded. The body is changing so that we will see another perception of reality.

Our ability to interact with and absorb a new frequency of light determines how we will progress in the next step of evolution.

There are 12 primary strands of DNA in the physical body. The beings who created humanity disconnected all but 2 of these DNA cables purposely. However, these DNA strands are still located inside our chromosomes.

Therefore, we have the ability to reactivate them and plug them back into the chakra portals. Raising consciousness levels will do this.

A DNA strand works exactly like a Nano-sized fiber optic cable. Designed to transmit light and information. Each of the 12 DNA strands corresponds vibrational to its chakra counterpart. If a DNA strand is active and fully plugged in and attached to an open and spinning chakra portal or port, universal light or information starts flowing through the DNA strand.

Depending on how fast your consciousness is vibrating, you’ll be able to fully perceive a certain dimensional level as your reality. The more light data that can flow through your being, the higher the dimension you can perceive. This perceived reality will be more realistic than what is perceived in the 3d.

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Clearing the Chakras for Easier Evolution

If a chakra is open and fully spinning and if the DNA strand has been reconnected to its corresponding chakra, then the part of the information that resonates with that dimension, that chakra, and that DNA strand becomes readable to the human body computer.

For example, if you are resonating at the 5d level then you have 5 strands of DNA plugged into the first five chakras. 100% of universal data resonating at the 5d level would be read and interpreted by the layered body system.

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Your Take Away from Proof of Evolution in DNA

Even without scientific proof of mutating DNA strands, it’s obvious that evolution is among us.

Overall, research shows that our DNA is highly malleable. Research also supports that we can intentionally alter our DNA.

We have the advantage of knowing exactly what’s happening to humanity and guidance from the higher realms. This is truly incredible.

Intentionally evolve into who you want to be.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Start Creating Your Future Now.


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