Do You See Nature Spirits?

When we spiritually wake up, we change physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. New energies activate experiences that otherwise would be considered mythical. At some point, we all have the “do ___ exist?” conversation. We discuss ghosts, bigfoot, and UFOs. Even the admission of belief, if we share our experiences, they say we’re crazy! I’m curious if you see nature spirits!

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Our world is conditioned by societal beliefs where the majority rules. We were taught that the existence of other beings is fairytales and make-believe. Those of us that share metaphysical experiences are called crazy or naive.

Many lack an interest in spiritual subjects or celestial forces. However, hidden higher realms are always around guiding us on this earth walk. I personally took the photos throughout this post. I’m sharing them so you can understand why I’m positive other beings exist. I do see nature spirits. A lot.

Advanced Perception

Spiritual awakening changes stimuli beyond societal conditioning. Our higher vibrational frequency generates a different perception of reality. Although confused, we are now open to the possibility of magick happening around us.

By way of emotional, mental, or visible, we learn that we are never alone. Accompanied by our guardian angel, spirit guides, or sometimes passed over loved ones, the presence of other beings becomes prominent.

However, we may sound loony discussing them because not everyone can see our new perception.

At the beginning of my awakening, I experienced a strange ability to see fragments of other’s soul essence. Randomly my boyfriend’s face would take the form of someone else’s. Especially in low lighting. Explaining that his facial features were shifting made me sound schizophrenic. And, I actually started questioning that concept myself.

It was a relief to learn that while in expanded consciousness, we can sometimes tap into other dimensions or get glimpses of past and parallel lives.

Do You See More Nature Life?

Spiritual awakening brings a feeling of a sort of bond with innocence, like animals and nature. I guess that’s the feeling of ONEness with the universe. Truly, we feel connected to the beauty of nature.

Animal sight is keener than ours so they can see auras. When they feel safe, they are drawn to us.

Staying in the theme of nature, during our spiritual awakening, we may discover fairies, nature spirits, and elementals are in existence.

Do You See Faeries?

Scrying in sage smoke
Faeries forming faces in sage smoke

I get a kick out of taking pictures of sage, incense, and Palo Santo smoke and seeing what the faeries show me!

Having those smudging tools is always useful anyway. Try to find faeries yourself!

The faery races disappeared into the underworld when humanity descended in consciousness. Faeries are vibrating on a high vibration frequency so the inner earth dimension is more appropriate for them to live. It’s said that they can only be contacted by those on a path of ascending toward the light. However, some people have faery guides.

Living in the here and now will open us up to noticing other realms. Before, we would dismiss the fleeting glimpses and blame our imagination.

Faeries can transmute negative situations into love and compassion. If we find ourselves reflecting on an opponent’s inner wounds and then change our perspective, we may have a faery guide.

Faeries like to appear differently than their true energetic makeup. I’ve found that they like to appear cartoonish or spooky. They make themselves known however they choose, but they are actually non-physical beings.

Do You See Nature Spirits?

Nature spirit is really an umbrella term. They are beings that work with nature’s energetic side. More like Mother Gaia’s guardians that tend to her and protect her.

They’ll tie themselves to specific landscapes. It’s commonly accepted that these spirits are connected to rocks and plants, but they’re an essential part of all living things. 

For those that are open, it’s possible to see these beings amongst the trees.

Understandably, not everyone will see what I see in photos. It’s exciting to capture the details of these spirits nonetheless.

Every part of the planet is alive and nature spirits and elementals can be found in everything.

We actually help with their own evolution by acknowledging these spirits. Even when we can’t see them, just believing in their existence gives them appreciation and energy.

Once you Believe, the Signs are all There

I also understand that not everyone is open to the existence of these beings. Let me rebuttal…

Our human existence begins inside another human being. The opposite gender’s reproductive system makes this possible. Our planet is a massive rock hurdling through space with other massive rocks.

It’s acceptable that after death our soul goes to the Kingdom of Heaven to live with God. Or, less favorably, our soul is sentenced to eternal damnation to be tortured by an evil dude named Satan.

BUT the belief in the existence of faeries and nature spirits is far-fetched. Those of us that believe is naive and live in a fantasy land. No, Kyle, you live in fantasy land. We live in truth. Re-read the above as many times as you need for that to sink in.

So, I’m curious if you see nature spirits? Let me know in the comments below!


Victoria ☯︎

One thought on “Do You See Nature Spirits?

  1. I am beginning to awaken my third eye I’ve always believed but now I see them like translucent but not completely kinda like the predator movies. It terrified my granddaughter who’s barely 3, she saw it as a giant bug and it felt like it was deliberately trying to scare her I firmly said not cool she’s just a baby and I’m trying to teach her to respect nature not fear it

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