Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

The universe constantly sends us signs and synchronicities. Common signs are through numbers, feathers, and animals. Being open to receive these messages will help you notice them more. Synchronicity is how I learned I was having a spiritual awakening. Since then, I’ve learned to actively communicate with the universe, my guides, and angels. In this post, I share the signs my deceased son uses to let me know he’s guiding me. Are you missing signs from your deceased loved ones?

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Numerology is in all cultures, so it makes sense that Spirit uses numbers to communicate.

Specific number sequences have certain meanings and are often referred to as angel numbers. The most common sequences are 333, 444, 555, etc. However, consider individual signs unique to you as strong evidence. These synchronicities have a special message for you. 

For instance, a sign from my deceased son, Anthony, is his birth date, October 20th. I would catch 1020 on the clock, receipts, and social media platforms. A video on YouTube would have 1,020 likes, a post on Facebook would be shared 1,020 times, or a Pinterest Pin would have 1020 impressions.

Feathers are Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

It’s widely believed that finding feathers is a message from beyond. Passed over loved ones leave feathers in our path to let us know they’re watching over us. Angels and guides also leave us feathers to communicate. Different colors can provide unique symbolism. It’s easy to find interpretations for individual colors.

It was apparent that my deceased son was around when I found two feathers in one day on multiple days.

The first was when I drove to my sister’s house. The quick trip in and out consisted of going up two porch steps and walking through the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

As I left the house, right there on the first porch step was a small gray feather. I’m positive it wasn’t there when I went inside less than two minutes before.

The feather makes me think of Anthony. When I got home and walked into my bedroom and turned on the light, the first thing to catch my eye was a small gray feather in the middle of my bedroom floor! Again, I am positive it wasn’t there when I left.

To me, the second feather was confirmation that the first feather was left for me by Anthony.

About a week later, I found a small pink feather on my washing machine. I have no idea where the feather came from. I considered the possibility that it was entangled in the clothing being washed, but, I found it after the cycle started.

Later that day while down at the river bank with a friend, I found a small gray feather at my foot!

Animals bring Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Each animal has its own special medicine to bring. Seeing the same animal repeatedly could be a message for you.

Butterfly encounters told me loud and clear that Anthony is right by my side. Firstly, butterflies are considered messages from Heaven in some cultures and superstitions. This is true in divination also, such as tarot readings. A tarot reader told me that if I’m seeing butterflies lately, it is a passed-over loved one helping me through a challenging time.

A couple of days later I had an interesting encounter with a butterfly. While sitting outside, a butterfly landed on me. Every time it would fly off of me, it would come back and land on me again! It landed on my foot, shoulder, arm, shirt, and phone case.

It tickled me so much I had to film it!


Synchronicity can be in the form of hearing the same word or name.

As I type this, I can hear the tv show my son is watching in the other room. The main character was just introduced to a new kid at school that she’s crushing on. The new kid’s name? Anthony, of course! The universe always finds clever ways to make us smile.

For a couple of weeks before the butterfly encounter, I wasn’t feeling well. A few days later I was feeling even worse.

My tarot reading for that day mentioned butterflies again and a loved one guiding me through a health concern. That compelled me to finally seek medical attention and I went to the Emergency Room.

A nurse I hadn’t seen at all during the visit brought the discharge papers. He was very comforting and polite as he reviewed the diagnosis and medications with me. His energy just made me smile. When he was finished he asked me if I had any questions. I read his name tag and said, “No. Thank you, Anthony.”

Here’s the exchange:

Me: “My son’s name is Anthony.

Anthony: “Does he goes by Anthony or does he shorten it to Tony?

Me: “He’s dead, but my ex-husband and his family called him AJ, for Anthony Jason.”

Anthony: “Well, I’m also AJ. I’m Anthony James.”

Personal Synchs

Of course, each sign and synchronicity can also be unique to the individual. For example, although seeing butterflies can represent messages from Heaven, that particular insect is linked to him.

My first tattoo was dedicated to Anthony. It’s a butterfly that says “AJ” on the wings. Also, Anthony’s birthmark is a dark spot on his forehead in the shape of a butterfly.

I looked up the spiritual meaning of a butterfly landing on you. The Celtic belief resonated with me. First, because I have Celtic in my family lineage. My four sisters and I all have the Celtic sister symbol tattooed behind our right ear. Second, the Celtic culture believes that a butterfly landing on you represents a “dead child’s spirit”.

The hospital nurse said he was also “AJ” because his name is Anthony James. This isn’t exactly like my Anthony because his middle name is Jason. However, their initials are both AJ, and my only brother’s name is James.

Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

I hope for you to look for signs from the universe too! When you receive them, be sure to show gratitude.

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