Intuitive Abilities

Let’s face it, we all know one annoying know-it-all. Amongst my social circle, I guarantee that the exact tag belongs to me. Admittedly, I am often right. To clarify, I don’t claim that in a cocky way. Contrarily, I’m saying you and I are the same. We are all connected to, and ONE with Source energy. Instincts and intuition are the soul speaking from this all-knowing intelligence. Therefore, allow yourself to listen to and be open to receive your natural intuitive abilities.

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Before we dive into the types of intuitive abilities, let’s review other supernatural talents that look beyond the physical world and reach into the spiritual one.

Supernatural Abilities


Telekinesis is the ability to move animate objects at will using the power of the mind. Some researchers claim the effect of telekinesis is real and is has to do with the formation of powerful physical fields. It generates a strong electromagnetic field and acoustic signals of 0.1 seconds.

Other researchers say it may occur due to a mental effort known as psychokinesis. It’s hard to study primarily because its extremely rare.

Dr. Robert G. Jahn, head of the Laboratory of Abnormal Studies at Princeton University managed to prove that the human psyche can affect material objects. He verified this after thousands of experiments with hundreds of men and women.

Five subjects were able to move a pendulum placed under a transparent plastic cap. They were able to move the pendulum at any time and distance.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to separate our consciousness from the body and experience our surroundings that are not exposed to any of the five senses.

In view of a noteworthy experiment is Harold Sherman. Mr. Sherman is a well-known psychic and his goal was to check out Mercury Mariner 10, a robotic space probe.

It was scheduled to approach Mercury in a week 1974. Mr. Sherman astral projected to Mercury and advised that the planet had a very thin atmosphere. When the Mariner 10 data was transferred, it was found that indeed, Mercury did have an atmosphere.

Therefore, astral projection has a very high potential of being in the realm of possibilities.


Levitation is the ability to raise your own body against the force of gravity. Our history is filled with accounts of such individuals who have achieved this.

One such account is from the famous levitator St. Joseph of Cupertino. He was cited on many occasions by hundreds of people, including the Pope. The church even canonized Saint Joseph, which involved in-depth investigations and many written records including 150 eye-witness testimonies.

The character of the witnesses was one of the highest order, Cardinals, the Pope, and the inquisitors themselves.

Cupertino was placed under house arrest in Rome at the same time as Galileo Galilei. Both were for different reasons, however one was a mystic and the other a driving force of modern science.

There are many more cases of levitation in history, and even in the present in the Himalayan mountains by devoted Buddhist Monks.


Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability that allows a person to create and control fire with the power of their mind. Those who claim to have this ability can only extinguish or manipulate fire, but few claim to be able to create the fire.

Many cases of pyrokinesis have taken place in various places of the world. In 2011 a three-year-old Filipino girl was in the media for her ability to predict fire. Many things like clothes, sleeping bags, and pillows caught fire immediately after her predictions. Policeman and fire authorities claimed to have witnessed fire caused by the girl without her touching the objects.

In Vietnam, an 11 year old girl caused fire to appear wherever she goes. This was by electrical short circuits and sockets would burn in her home. Sometimes, even her clothing would catch fire.


Telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. Two bulls were brought in and surrounded by thousands of viewers. Dr. Delgado connected electrodes to fit their heads. The public triggered them to have a head on collision. The fighting animals appeared to have a head on collision, but Dr. Delgado sent a mental signal conveying the message to be at peace.

He was able to telepathically penetrate the minds of the two animals and it was seen that the animals stood calmly near each other.

MIT has recently developed a device called altar ego that listens not to a person’s speech but to their thoughts.


There are countless stories of Shamans, occult practitioners, prophets, and others who receive supernatural knowledge from the spirit realm. Channelers are also known as psychic mediums.

This is the ability to open your mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness and tune into higher consciousness.

Types of Intuitive Abilities

Since the start of recorded history, psychic abilities have exposed the supernatural gift that we possess. Mainly this topic is a mystery and attributed to individuals who are capable to control matter. In general, you can simply learn how to develop them, in order to use them.

Intuitive abilities are like the inner cosmos. Although we all have the four main types of intuitive abilities, one is usually more dominant. At any given moment we can tap into a far more energized state of being.


Undoubtedly, the most symbolic of intuition abilities is clairvoyance. It’s known as “clear seeing.” This is the ability to see things inside the mind as pictures, images, and symbols.

They can also be quick impression visuals in the mind’s eye. Because of this, it’s common for clairvoyants to have very vivid dreams.


Clairsentience is known as “clear feeling.” It’s illustrated by the intuitive ability to physically sense information in your body.

People that are clairsentient can feel information in their bodies. For example, being around someone with a broken foot a clairsentient will experience pain in their own foot.


Claircognizance is known as “clear knowing.” In detail, it’s the ability to perceive the right information as a hunch. These people are considered good judges of character.

In fact, this ability is usually found in someone who has prophetic visions or dreams.


Clairaudience is known as “clear hearing.” It’s the ability to hear information inside your mind.

In most cases, this comes in the form of statements, lyrics, sounds, or even vibrations. This is perceived from the area of the brain that processes auditory information.

These people can read energy by what they “hear” from this intuitive ability. 

Let’s Get Metaphysical

In the event that you think all this is too complicated to be real, refer to the theory of relativity. With regard to an atom being a fundamental piece of matter, it’s said that everything in the universe is made of atoms. Yet, not energy.

Regardless of this, the fact that ‘everything is energy’ can be found in Albert Einstein’s formula E = MC2.

Of course, Dr. Einstein was able to better explain certain physical phenomena than his predecessors. Due to the mathematical tools available, he resolved a longstanding paradox.

With this in mind, let’s reflect on the magick moments in physic history:

The ancient Greeks set the building blocks of physics.

Sir Isaac Newton formulated the laws of motion.

James Clerk Maxwell influenced all subsequent physics with equations that founded electrical engineering.

So, why am I giving you a physic lesson instead of answering my question, what exactly is intuition? Simply put, Albert Einstein superseded those key figures in the scientific revolution. Scientists, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, theologians, and philosophers are constantly discovering crazy stuff!

Simply stated, concrete proof may be in the future, but the probability is found in the present.

Use a smudge stick made of Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the home and yourself. Otherwise, you could use a smudge bundle of flowers. When Sage is burned it releases negative ions, which naturally promotes positivity.  Both are known to get rid of evil spirits and clear any energetic debris.

This allows you to get closer to higher intelligence.

You have the internal resources you need to co-create with your Higher Self. Go within and use your innate knowledge of the universe to understand how you create from your soul.

Psychic abilities are a gift that can be learned!


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