What Exactly IS Intuition?

A lot of us have a natural connection to our intuition. “Follow your intuition” is spouted off more than “love and light” in the spiritual community. But, what exactly IS intuition anyway? Let’s see if we can’t connect you with your own intuition today.

Oxford New American Dictionary defines intuition as an immediate understanding, knowledge, or awareness, derived neither from perception nor from reasoning. Immediate knowledge of a concept exists when a person can apply the concept correctly but cannot state the rules of its application; this form of intuition has been shown experimentally in studies of concept formation. 

Confusion over Intuition

Firstly, intuition is something almost impossible to study. 

For instance, you know that emotion you’ve always had but could never put in words? In truth, everyone has it, but not everyone realizes it’s pedigree. In that case, many people ignore it.

An extrasensory aspect from the subconscious produces a gut feeling where you “just know something”.

Given that growing up we were taught to ignore our intuition, it’s understandable why so many are disconnected. Proof of this is when we’re made to do things that are not comfortable because an adult told us to. Chiefly, anything from being friends with someone in school to making nice with a relative.

Hence, we’re not taught about mindful, innate wisdom that will help navigate us. We’re not taught about our super conscious and as a result, many people don’t use it.

Therefore, we’re conditioned to doing what’s perceived as the right thing instead of following our gut feeling.

We often think our path is full of pitfalls but that’s far from the truth. These obstacles are placed there by us. We each have a self-saboteur archetype that lines up little pauses so that we have different experiences.

When you find yourself in those circumstances, the question is “What am I trying to show myself here?”

Our Higher Self has the answers and only we can access the query results. Many have forgotten that we have the power and ability to find the most pertinent information at any moment. We are the only source to assist us in this way.

What Exactly IS Intuition Anyway?

Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung described intuition as the unconscious perception that taps into implicit processes and knowledge in the body and brain.

So, what exactly is the unconscious? It’s where memories, past experiences, and a whole lot of knowledge live. All things considered, we even store away unconscious beliefs.

Author and expert, Penney Pierce, has an amazing comprehensive grasp of intuitive and empathic perception. She says intuition can derive from a galactic ‘knowing’, or rather, the Higher Self.

In neuroscience, there’s an agreement that intuition predominantly sits in the non-dominant hemisphere of the brain. Intuition often emanates from feelings, sensations, and images. Ultimately, intuition is a subconscious action that just shows up as a quick response.

It has no evidence or conscious reasoning, therefore, acting on intuition could be unable to explain. Listening to our intuition is connecting with self on a much deeper level.

Do You Trust Your Intuition?

Learning to trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than ever. In essence, it can help you find your true purpose in life.

Connecting deeply with intuition is natural and can be strengthened. By being a smidge bit analytical, go through situations and energies to discern why you feel a certain way. Based on those facts and truths, the most likely possible reality is your intuition.

The wisdom is how to blend your function to all that is, moment to moment. You only need to trust yourself and move on to what feels good.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on intuition, your mind has already started to repair the disconnection. Truly, there’s a divine plan in motion for humanity to advance in esoteric subjects.

In reality, the only guidance system needed is our natural intuitive intelligence.


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