What Is A Spiritual Diet?

Lady Gaia and all residing life forms are in evolution. Because of this, self-care is on the rise. Of course, living healthy is a great value to have anyway. But, more of us understand that what we put in our bodies directly impacts our vibration frequency. Therefore, we intentionally ingest things with a greater level of light than density. It’s referred to as a spiritual diet. So, what is a spiritual diet? It goes beyond food and drink.

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High Vibrational Foods

Raising our vibration isn’t just an important part of ascension. Truth is, maintaining a high vibration is essential for health and happiness. The universe is vibrational so our well-being is based on everything we do, say, think, and believe.

High vibration foods nourish the body, detoxify, and raise our vibe. For example, nutrient-rich foods like raw fruits and vegetables. Eating clean will increase the level of light we’re able to carry.

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Boosting Intuition

Having a poor diet combined with chemicals and pesticides from non-organically grown foods affects how we feel. We become sluggish, tired, and foggy. Eating clean allows us to think clearly.

Archangel Michael says we should start eating more alkaline foods for ascension. Alkaline diets are trending right now.

We are all composed of energy. The energy is constantly flowing and changing.

Chakras group energies and give them each a name.

The chakra system was designed to call forth and integrate Creator light energy into the body.

When chakras become blocked it destructs the flow of energy. This contributes to emotional and physical issues. Food is an often overlooked healer.

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We’re Ascending & We’re Taking our Bodies with Us

A spiritual diet goes beyond just food and drink.

This means anything we ingest – mind, body, and spirit.

The human body was designed to perform at its best from a position of love, peace, and harmony.

Archangel Michael

Stress levels increase blood pressure which creates stress upon all bodily systems. When at the center of well being, what we want to create comes to us more easily.

Identify the source of negative thoughts and surround yourself in white light.

Change lower thoughts to uplifting ones so you’re projecting balanced frequency patterns of thoughts and intentions.

Don’t Feel Badly for a Non-Spiritual Diet

A lot of things on the low vibrational food list are probably in most kitchens. That’s ok!

Who doesn’t have sugar, dairy, or canola oil? The key here is to be mindful and start swapping certain foods out.

Don’t feel guilty or shame yourself for eating anything. This will amplify the negative effects.

If you love coffee as I do then you’re probably upset to know that excessive caffeine is low vibrational. But, don’t panic! Consider trying a coffee replacement like Teeccino or Anthony’s Chicory Root Coffee Alternative.

Whatever it is you consume, consciously infuse it with high love and light before. Flow love while you prepare it and raise its vibration.

Consider a Spiritual Diet

Spiritual growth can get blocked by toxic thinking and low vibrational foods.

Get the most from a high vibrational diet and combine foods with inner work, emotional healing, and living in your personal truth. Taking this action will quickly elevate your spiritual awareness.

Start by checking out the Free Resources Page.

When doing transmutation work, you should start by getting into a state of relaxation. This allows you to release your mind but still focus on your intention. Something to consider is incorporating a nightly ritual. I recently started a moon milk ritual and so far I’m pleased with how I feel.

Ultimately, an increase of vibration comes an increase and speed of manifestations. It also expands our point of view.

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