Tried Moon Milk?

Anyone interested in wellness and holistic practices have run across pictures of the pretty nighttime drink, moon milk. Moon Milk is rooted in an Ayurvedic pseudoscience tradition. It’s commonly made with milk, herbs, spices, and dried flowers. The milk provides sleep-inducing amino acids as it soothes you before bed. Why should you try Moon Milk?…… Continue reading Tried Moon Milk?

Fear Ruins Your Best Life

Are you living your best life? Sure, you might be happy, healthy, and successful, but is there anything about your life you would change? Maybe something that fear has stopped you from achieving? Without a doubt, fear ruins your best life. And you might be racking up negative karma for allowing it to happen. *This…… Continue reading Fear Ruins Your Best Life

Grounding and Earthing

Earthing is sometimes called grounding but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Grounding and earthing are similar. Earthing is grounding, but some grounding exercises can be done inside.  *This post contains affiliate links. If guided, read the full disclosure.* Earthing is Physically Connecting to Nature Disconnection with the earth’s energy can cause stress, anxiety, and illness.…… Continue reading Grounding and Earthing

Types of Emotional Manipulation

Psychological abuse is becoming ever more pervasive. People silently suffer because of a bully, a group of friends, and even entire family dynamics. What’s more, many are unaware that they are purposely being harmed. On the other hand, some don’t have the courage to dispute harm. Accordingly, let’s weigh up some different types of emotional…… Continue reading Types of Emotional Manipulation

DIY Bath Salt Shots

Let’s talk about salt, baby! Salt is one of humankind’s most valuable commodities. However, salt has other uses than flavoring food. Natural salt has the proper balance of minerals, calcium, and magnesium. Combine it with water and the negatively charged ions support electrical, hormonal, and chemical balances. With this in mind, soaking in salts sounds…… Continue reading DIY Bath Salt Shots