Spiritual Baths

Our electromagnetic field gets clogged with other people’s energy. When this happens, we will resonate with that low frequency and feel it weighing us down. To avoid damaging effects, clearing yourself is important. Spiritual baths are a great way to cleanse your energetic field.

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Why do we like Spiritual Baths?

Our aura is protection from outside energy but they slip through. Other people’s energy accumulates in our energetic field. If we’re weighed down by the accumulation of energies our auras weaken. It’s a good spiritual practice to regularly cleanse this space.

It’s important to remember that we share the same realm with spirits. If we’re vulnerable, we give attachments an energetic way in.

Before doing any type of spiritual work we should put a shield of protection around us.

Just like we wash our hands before we eat, we should wash our energetic fields before interacting with the world.

Ultimately, a bath is very grounding, and being grounded is important.

And, most adults choose a bath versus a shower for relaxation. Baths are good for sore muscles and blood circulation.

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Taking the time to prepare a bath and set an ambiance in the room is self-care. You’re healing your mind, body, and soul during this time.

Also, this is the perfect time to set an intention and manifest. Do you want to attract, banish, cleanse, or release something?

How to Prepare Your Bath

It’s important to remember that you don’t need anything but your intention to take a spiritual bath.

But, I like to add correspondence to support my intention:

  • flowers
  • essential oils
  • herbs
  • healing crystals (check if the crystal is water safe)
  • salts
  • spices
  • bubbles
  • citrus fruit

Declutter your bathroom and sanitize the tub. Clear out all energy and low vibrations in the room by smudging, an oil diffuser, or using a singing bowl.

Choose things to add around the tub and room.

Mindfully add everything to the running water while thinking of your intention.

If you just want to relax while soaking up the energy of the bath, bring a journal, a magazine, and a cup of tea.

Take a Spiritual Bath

It’s important to have good spiritual hygiene. Baths are a simple way to revitalize and support your healing.

Spiritual baths reset and restore your energetic field. Soaking in your intention and natural elements from mother earth on a regular basis to maintain your energetic work.

How often do you take a spiritual bath?

Share your personal stories, fellow seekers.