Caring for Healing Crystals

If you own healing crystal stones you should know how to properly care for them. Crystals truly are a gift from the divine and should be treated with respect. Properly caring for healing crystals keep them performing at their best.

To experience everything healing crystals offer it’s important to work with them in different ways. For maximum benefit, clean, charge, program, and ground your stones.

Cleanse your Crystals

Caring for healing crystals doesn’t mean only cleaning them every once in a while. Keeping them clear of all the energy they collect off of, well everything, is the most important. The crystals should be brought back into a neutral state after use.

They should also be physically washed. Most stones can get a quick rinse with cool water. I leave mine out in the rain sometimes. You can try these other ways:

  • a bowl of cool water with a palm-full of salt
  • a bowl of Himalayan, sea, or Epsom salt
  • smudging with sage or Palo Santo
  • burying overnight
  • bowl of rice
  • other crystals like amethyst or selenite
  • oil diffuser

Not all crystals like water or salt so you should research your individual crystal before using those modalities. I have guides on my Pinterest board.

Charge your Crystals

Charge your crystals with energies of the sun, moon, or Mother Gaia. Put them on a windowsill overnight for a lunar cleanse. Sit them on a table for a few hours to get sun-kissed. Or, put them in a flower bed to ground with Gaia.

Program your Crystals

Program your crystal by infusing your intention in them. You can simply tell it what to do or hold it in your palms and meditate on your intention.

You could store them together by chakras or intention. Other ways are to group them by color or vibration frequency. You may not want to store a crystal specialized in calming nerves with one to boost energy.

Benefits of Caring for Healing Crystals

You’ll experience a lot of benefits when properly caring for healing crystals. They’re easy to use too. Carry one in your pocket or your car. Put one on your desk and in your pillowcase. Make a crystal grid somewhere in your home.

The possibilities and benefits are endless. Read more about what healing crystals can do for you here.

Happy Healing!