Spiritual Sticks & Stones

Spiritual sticks and stones can actually heal your bones! I’m talking about incense sticks, smudge sticks, healing crystals, and massage stones. All of the above should be in your spiritual tool bag and this post will tell you why!

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Life Hurts

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me! Remember that nonsense?

Our wounded parents said this to avoid having to work through our emotions with us. At least, in my opinion.

Truth is, words do hurt. Maybe even more than broken bones because the pain is more than physical. We can even hurt ourselves by replaying those hurtful words in our heads.

Life also hurts energetically. Unknowingly, every interaction is an energy exchange with others. This means whatever is in their aura can get caught in yours.

Enter sticks and stones.

Cleanse and Clear with Spiritual Sticks & Stones

Essentially, when you embrace the benefits of a cleanse you’re supporting body system balance. Crystals have the power to transmute low energy from harsh words.

Using these tools can improve well-being and increase vitality.

Crystals have the power to heal on the physical level and we can even absorb their frequencies through our skin. This does amazing things, like boosting the immune system.

On the metaphysical level, crystals treat emotional pain and help with personal transformation. Certain stones are grounding, meaning they help connect us to the energies of the Earth.

A smoke bath is my favorite way to clear out lower, stagnant energy.

It’s very easy to transmute low energy. Smudging does literally just that.

Sage smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm and to enhance intuition. Essentially, burning sage is used to clear low vibes and to solve spiritual dilemmas.

Sage is muli-purpose. For example, use it to cleanse, purify, and protect your home against negative energy.

Also, Palo Santo can be used to protect, heal and so much more.

Finally, if you can’t easily access smudge sticks, that’s ok! Use good ole incense!

Find a cute Incense Burner.

Sticks & Stones Allow Powerful Healing

A healthy lifestyle will assist you in adjusting to your unique divine vibration. It’ll be easier to align with your life purpose.

Set the environment with aesthetics, or create a sacred space. This can be any space that you set aside where you can meditate, connect with your higher self, or do magic.

Spend time in meditation and focus on sacred symbols to enhance your intuition. Use pretty incense holders, Buddha statues, and crystals to give the atmosphere a boost.

Connect to the collective consciousness and expand your spiritual awareness.

See how Spiritual Sticks and Stones can generate greater calm and clarity in your life.