Magical Crafting

Spell crafting is customizing your own unique spell. This can be done by combining other spells together or putting a spin on an existing one. I’m a fan of turning ordinary items into magical tools. In this post, I’ll give you a couple of ideas for magical crafting.

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Magical Crafting

Making your own magical tools is a way to infuse the tool with your own personal energy and power. 

When you use your tool, imagine a beam of light coming from you and into the object. Foundationally, this is your own energy.

Magical Materials

First, think about what you’d like to use your tools for. Is it specifically for a money spell, a love spell, or a specific intention?

Research the different magical qualities of materials. Gather materials that support your intention. Even if you’re not using them on your tools, you can have them around you to soak up the energy.

Tip: Personal items that hold meaning will add power.

Of course, what you use is up to you. I like to use copper because it represents love, abundance, and health.

Magical Crafting Using Healing Crystals

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Of course, healing crystals have magical properties! Make a crystal grid or arrange them around your area if you’re not physically using them in your craft.

Here’s a brief of my favorite crystals:

  • Selenite – cleansing, spiritual connection, clarity, power.
  • Clear Quartz – cleansing, protection, versatile intentions.
  • Smoky Quartz – cleansing, banishing, protection.
  • Rose Quartz – love, healing, heart chakra work.
  • Amethyst – cleansing, purifying, spiritual gifts.
  • Hematite – grounding, banishing.
  • Jade – luck, prosperity, balancing.
  • Sodalite – positivity, clarity, grounding.

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Crafting an Intention

If you’re not on board with the word “spell” that’s fine. Essentially, an intention, a spell, and a wish are all the same. It’s just a matter of how you put it out into the universe.

I’m a spiritual walker and I practice magick. Therefore, I like to combine spiritual teaching and spell crafting. For example, the teachings of Archangel Michael.

Rainbow Healing Light Magical Craft

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It’s common for masters and angels to gather in large groups and unite their energies for the purpose of healing.

Through intention, they create a rainbow of light. The light extends like a rainbow in an arch shape to the person or intention. You can request for one to be sent to any situation or purpose.

Because of this, the wooden rainbow craft is a perfect visual for this request.

Materials Needed

Wood Rainbow craft sitting beside paints.

First and foremost, prepare your space!

Here is a checklist guide on preparing your environment before a magical ritual. You can instantly download it here. No catch, no subscribing, just a freebie.

Start by taking a craft pen of some sort and writing out your intention on the rainbow rays. Following the standard Angelic Rainbow of Healing Light request, say to yourself or out loud,

“I request healing for, situation, person, animal, myself, to bring forth the outcome of ______.

I invite a Master or Archangel and 100 beings of light to send and ground powerful healing energy, light, consciousness, or creator quality. Thank you.”

Of course, you can shorten your intention to a few keywords to fit your craft.

For example, if your intention is for someone to forgive you, write their name and “forgive me”. For physical healing of some sort, write “heal covid” or whatever it may be.

Next, paint your rainbow and decorate it with stickers and jewels.

Painted Rainbow Craft

Finally, imagine the whole event playing out in your mind. Display it on your altar or in your sacred space.

Bubble Wand Magical Craft

Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Utilize that sensation in your craft! This form of air magick is fun and simple to construct.

Use a giant bubble wand as the conduit for magic. All you need to do is simply decorate the wand reflecting your intention!

Materials Needed

After preparing your space, enrich the wand with your intention. Draw sigils or symbols to infuse the energy of what you’re trying to do.

Add essential oil to your wand that supports your intention.

Accessorize the wand as little or as much as guided. Use your own discernment to know when it’s energized.

To use your bubble magic, think and feel your intention and blow it into the bubble. Watch it be released to the universe as it pops.

I like to use it as a releasing ritual.

I exhaled everything that no longer serves me into the bubbles and watched the universe transmute it. This is a great way to breathe out fear and limiting beliefs.

Try this form of spell crafting during a releasing and cleansing ritual.

You could also use it while invoking Archangel Michael’s bubble shield of protection.

Do You Craft Magical Tools?

What kind of magic do you craft? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!


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