Angelic Rainbow of Light

It’s a common practice for masters and angels in the inner planes to gather large groups and unite their energies. They create a Rainbow of Light through their intentions. This rainbow of light extends like a rainbow in an arch shape to the person or intention. This Angelic Rainbow of Light can be used for any situation or purpose. It allows the most appropriate qualities and vibrations to anchor and aid healing.

It’s a powerful way to send light, healing, or consciousness to others in need.

The Original ‘A Team’ of Healing Light

An Archangel or an Ascended Master will create a united team of source light. Archangel Michael has chosen 100 angelic beings to perform this Divine alchemy.

They are 50 planetary angelic beings, 20 solar angelic beings, 10 universal angelic beings, 10 galactic angelic beings, and 10 Christ-Consciousness angelic beings.

Each angelic being holds the purpose of working with healing energies.

They wish to create an intense and powerful healing energy to channel to the desired destination, and to Mother Gaia.

Who is Archangel Michael anyway? Read up on this protector angel and his job duties here.

How to send Angelic Rainbow of Light

You can request a Rainbow of Light to be delivered from the inner planes and an appropriate gathering will take place to manifest this and deliver the healing that’s needed.

“I request healing for, situation, person, animal, myself, to bring forth the outcome of ______.

I invite a Master or Archangel and 100 beings of light to send and ground powerful healing energy, light, consciousness, or creator quality. Thank you.”

Growth & Development of Humanity & the Earth

Ultimately, the Rainbow of Light will activate your own angelic consciousness. They activate you as an angel on the Earth to empower their purpose of unconditional love, devotion, and generosity.

We hold the qualities of unconditional love, devotion, selflessness, joy, and peace within our being. They wish to activate many physical bodies to energize the presence of angelic love already here. Together, we can gently support the pure connection with the light of the Creator

It’s asked that every soul on earth activate the energy and essence within them. This allows you to exist as an Earth Angel to aid in the anchoring of the Creator’s love.

Will you act as a beacon of the essence of the angelic kingdom?


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