Who is the Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of protection. This includes the protection of the Creator’s Will and Power. Michael has been appointed to protect all aspects of the Creator, whether on the Earth or inner planes. He safeguards the Will of the Creator, ensuring that it’s distributed to the correct minds and consciousness for manifestation.

Archangel Michael works closely with the Power of the Creator. Because of that, the characteristic of power is something Michael has mastered. Now, he’s assisting others to master the powerful energy within them. He teaches us to use our power in a loving way.

Archangel Michael Says Come Soar With Us

Michael oversees a learning process that allows the individual to understand the energy of power and its influences. Therefore, we can later use this power for positive transformation.

Due to the presence of power in his being, he’s able to emulate such protective energy. His mission is to safeguard the Power of the Creator and to allow others to activate the sacred energy in their beings.

The Archangel Michael asks that you reclaim your symbolic wings and come soar with us. Moreover, accept the gift of divine Will and Power he’s offering as you strive to reclaim your proper station as co-creator master of light.

To guide, guard, inspire, and protect us has always been his main purpose. Matter of fact, he promised to be with each of us during our long journey into the physical world.

Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth & Redemption

The symbol of this angel is the sword. It’s called the Sword of Truth and Redemption. We were given a symbolic sword each time we incarnated. Likewise, this sword blazed forth from Archangel Michael’s heart center, forged from pure Creator light.

Our instructions were to use the sword while reclaiming our mastery. Firstly, use it to sever discordant energies that keep you shackled to lower-dimensional illusions.

In addition to his love for the Supreme Creator, his sword is also charged with his love for all of us. For those who yield it truly and honorably, it bears the attributes of strength, power, and valor.

Are you ready to accept this profound gift and initiation into the Order of Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light?

If so, please read and declare this statement:

Archangel Michael is offering spiritual freedom. I hope you accept and set your heart free from the bonds of fear, hate, and limitation.

Soar Beyond the Confines of Time & Space!