Chohan’s of the Sacred Rays

“There is one life, which expresses itself primarily through seven basic qualities or aspects, and secondarily through the myriad diversity of forms. These seven radiant qualities are the Seven Rays.”

Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology Volume 1

The Seven Rays as a metaphor would be to think of a band of white light from the sun going through a triangular prism. Upon passing through the prism, the white light is separated into its component colors. Different colors have different wavelengths. The constituents of the white light bend differently for each color. Since all colors bend at different angles, they separate out into seven different colors. The septenary law is basic to the solar system.

Each of the Seven Rays are a massive life force with qualities of consciousness. They emanate from the Seven Stars of the Great Bear constellation and summarize the combined energies of seven solar systems.

The Seven Rays are seven streams of energy that enter our solar system from cosmic sources and condition every life form within it. The Rays are the orchestration of all existence.

Masters of the Seven Rays

A special grouping of Ascended Masters called, Chohans, is assigned to each Ray. Chohan is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘lord’. These masters define the laws on their Ray and through them, the light of the divine energy flows to mankind.

  • Ray One – El Morya
  • Ray Two – Lord Lanto
  • Ray Three Paul the Venetian
  • Ray Four – Serapis Bey
  • Ray Five – Hilarion
  • Ray Six – Lady Master Nada
  • Ray Seven – Saint Germain

Madame Blavatsky announced the existence of these masters to the world at the end of the 19th century. They are collectively known as the Great White Brotherhood that guides human evolution.

These Lords act as the way-showers and mentors guiding us back to the true multidimensional spirits that we are. They come to us through the energies of a particular Ray. Let’s meet the Chohans of the Seven Rays.


Master El Morya – Ray One

The Chohan of the first Ray is Master El Morya. He is the chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. Master El Morya represents courage, power, self-reliance, certainty, power, dependability, and he upholds the integrity of the Universal Spiritual Laws.

Master El Morya stimulates those of us that have the desire to expand our level of awareness. He assists those who initially reject their spiritual awakening. El Morya offers guidance in a multitude of areas:

  • faith
  • positive decision making
  • psychic protection
  • expressing deep feelings
  • grounding
  • achieving self-awareness
  • positive energy
  • to acknowledge the light within ourselves
  • how to employ our unique abilities
  • strengthen our Will
  • finding our soul’s purpose
  • trust in higher guidance

The Ascended Master El Morya can shield us from negative energies. He helps us stay committed to healing, growing, and learning.

Master El Morya carries many essential virtues. He is extremely wise and has ruled many kingdoms in many embodiments. He inspires the holy will of God in his subjects.

Lord Lanto – Ray Two

Ascended Master Lanto is dedicated to teaching the way of illumination. His teachings are held at the Royal Teton Retreat, which is the initial retreat of the Great White Brotherhood. Lord Lanto has mastered the balance of wisdom with love.

Lord Lanto was so intuned with his spirituality that he achieved something no other had done before. Through persistent prayer, meditation, and staying in a constant state of his divine I AM presence, he began to emanate a visible golden glow.

This miraculous phenomenon that illuminated his aura is what is known as the Three Fold Flame. This is the trinity of the first, second, and third Rays that represents the aspects of Christ Consciousness.

The evidence of this light is a graphic reminder that we too possess a divine spark within. Lord Lanto is full of respect and love for all of humanity and is ready to assist us with our own ascensions.

From Lord Lanto, we can request assistance with:

  • focus and concentration upon our purposes
  • dedication to our soul’s purpose
  • increasing happiness and joy for life
  • understanding of applied science in technology
  • perception of the abundance of wealth
  • staying true to ourselves
  • self-respect
  • self-worth

In the here and now, the collective consciousness has been able to accelerate due to Lord Lanto’s teachings. Overall, Master Lord Lanto represents power, wisdom, and love.

Paul the Venetian – Ray Three

Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian is native of the planet Venus. Inhabitants of Venus radiate harmony and divine love. His natural heritage is beauty and grace, with a melodious voice that brings comfort and peace.

He is devoted to teach the path of love as well as the following:

  • beauty
  • developing intuition
  • creative faculties
  • compassion
  • patience
  • understanding
  • self-discipline
  • alchemy
  • selflessness

Master Paul will help us release anger from our chakras. He will help to activate the heart chakra and advocate for ascension and creation through beauty. He strongly believes this is the pathway to enlightenment.

He also trains us in discernment. He shows us how to discern good/light and evil/shadow spirits.

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian works well with all who desires to color culture onto mankind. He works regularly with those in the careers of:

  • craftsmen
  • artists
  • designers
  • musicians
  • architects

For a better response, Master Paul is a believer in using music, drama, and art to expose humanity to spiritual truths.

Serapis Bay – Ray Four

Ascended Master Serapis Bay is known as the Great Disciplinarian. In Atlantis, he served as a high priest and then moved the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt. Master Serapis Bay is from Venus with the intention to rekindle the sacred fire in all our hearts.

Master Serapis will teach us how to eliminate any negative blocks in our ascension through the Threefold Flame. This flame represents the sacred trinity of love, wisdom, and power. It’s said that the flame sustains our physical life, and we received it at the time of our births. It was a gift placed in our hearts.

Along with iron will and determination, Serapis also assist with the discipline we need during the ascension process. We can also ask for his assistance to:

  • remove blocks from becoming one with the eternal flow
  • remove all lower vibrational attachments
  • break addictions
  • cut ties with dark forces
  • clear the root chakra
  • weight loss
  • healthy lifestyles
  • control cravings

Serapis Bey teaches the importance of working together with others harmoniously. Throughout his lifetimes he demonstrates his devotion to supporting each other and having a pure heart.

Master Hilarion – Ray Five

While in Atlantis, Ascended Master Hilarion was a high priest in the Temple of Truth. He took artifacts and the flame of Truth to Greece after the continent disappeared. His goal is to help mankind expand consciousness and develop spirituality.

Master Hilarion navigates us towards new beginnings. Along with renewing our sense of purpose, he also helps us with the following:

  • healing on multiple levels
  • find balance
  • find our true selves
  • be more open-minded
  • make decisions with our hearts

Master Hilarion belongs to the Brother of Crete. Together they restore our wholeness through healing the mind, body, and spirit. These brothers also aim for the expanded consciousness regarding the awareness of the divine. They represent the full spectrum of truth, including exposing truth in the media.

Ascended Master Hilarion teaches the connection between science and religion. He likes to sponsor those who teach Truth, and often works with people specializing in:

  • religious leaders
  • missionaries
  • healing practices
  • scientist
  • musicians
  • engineers
  • computer/space technology
  • mathematicians
  • media/communications

Lady Master Nada – Ray Six

Lady Master Nada is Lord Jesus’ successor for the Chohan of the Sixth Ray. She is the director of the Karmic Board and oversees the temple above Lake Titicaca, Peru.

During her embodiment in Atlantis, she served as High Priestess in the Temple of Love. Usually, Lady Nada can be spotted holding a beautiful pink rose. This may be a representation of the Rose Temple that is designed in the shape of a rose. Each rose petal is an actual room.

Lady Master Nada is a wonderful example of divine love. She helps us release any karmic wounds we may be holding onto that’s blocking us from receiving new experiences. She steers us in the right direction to find love for ourselves through compassion, forgiveness, and release.

She works with mental healing, unresolved karma, and helps with making good decisions. We can call on her assistance for:

  • pain and struggles
  • abusive situations
  • we feel disempowered
  • to help balance our Yin & Yang
  • injustice
  • healing of the four lower bodies

Ascended Master Lady Nada encourages us to reach our truest potential and embrace truth. She has worked with humanity since the beginning of time.

Lady Nada is a Pleiadian Light Emissary and also teaches cosmic law. She advocates for everyone’s right to learn about Jesus Christ and the Gautama Buddha. It is her wish for us to also defend the Christ-potential for every soul.

Saint Germain – Ray Seven

Sponsoring the United States of America is the Ascended Master Saint Germain. This master alchemist is Chohan of the Seventh Ray. He gifts us with the sacred fire of the Violet Flame. This flame is freedom for world transmutation.

Saint Germain’s twin flame, Lady Master Portia is the Goddess of Justice. Together they are the hierarchies of the Aquarian Age. He is the sponsor of Freedom’s Flame, and she is the sponsor of The Flame of Justice & Opportunity.

Master Saint Germain will transmute our souls with his Violet Flame. This powerful couple can be called upon for the dispensation of:

  • mercy
  • alchemy
  • freedom
  • justice
  • sacred ritual
  • renewal of life force
  • new civilizations
  • new energies

Sacred Mentors

The Ascended Masters are an enlightened hierarchy assisting us with our own ascension. These spiritual forces possess a divine frequency that encourages realignment with divinity.

As mother Gaia ascends into the Golden Age, the Chohans supervise the global progression. During this evolution, struggling humanity can find solace in the Lords. They teach how to direct our own inner divine light.

Everyone involved in the great cosmic plan can benefit from the assistance and teachings from the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. But truly all of humanity can experience a positive transformation through the ancient wisdom of the Chohans of the Sacred Rays.


Victoria ☯︎