Accidentally Enchanted

When we vibrate at the same frequency as the universe, the world around us becomes enchanted, we become enchanted…we come to understand that we are all magickal beings. Own that shit.

Getting straight to the point, there is a process of spiritual awakening happening on earth right now. Awakening is the beginning of expanded consciousness. As our minds are now open, we shift into life with meaning and purpose as we discover the otherworldly, uncover truths, learn our earth mission, and realize that mother earth, the universe, and our bodies are more powerful than we were allowed to believe. The moment we change our perception, we re-write the chemistry in our bodies. We literally redesign our DNA.

Many of us choose to become spiritual, starting with soul work framing the road to enlightenment. Soul work is a journey inward, exploring the depths of our soul and deciding what is truly valuable to us and what is the ego. It’s learning who we are versus who we want to be.

We can sort this out about ourselves by a multitude of avenues. Investing in self development books or classes seem to be popular. The amount of information available to us on the internet is the most affordable option. We should remain cautious though because not every spiritual or psychotherapy teaching available is fashioned for our best interest. However, the amount of of information available to us on the internet is a blessing in that we can explore many opinions and experiences of the spiritual awakening process and learn stages that we didn’t know existed. The amount of information we can access isn’t restrained to an individual opinion.

We can soul search through meditation, journaling, counseling or employing a spiritual coach. In discovering and handling the deep inner voids of my soul, the best method was through shadow work. During shadow work some have had to discontinue their spiritual practice because it can exasperate anxiety, put stress on our emotions and can flirt with depression. For others and myself, shadow work is fulling as it allows us to release burdens we aren’t aware we are carrying and it open us up to receiving resources for expanded growth.

Not all of us wake on purpose though. Spontaneous awakenings can arrive in a number of ways but is usually because of some sort of traumatic event. Anything that causes disruption in the comfort zone of our personal reality like being diagnosed terminally ill, fear of our old age, experiencing a near death accident, losing a loved one, or divorce are just a few triggers for an awakening, as it lets us know that we can’t continue living the way we are.

This will be the death of the old identity and the birth of the new consciousness.

We Have a Soul Team

Some may notice this change going on in their hearts and some may notice changing in awareness by the way they view life. The universe is asking us to show more love – which is essential to our very well being – and shift our priorities to better respect all things living. Instead of being focused on our own self gratification, we can shift the way we relate to others for the future of humanity.

Before we incarnate on earth we decide our name, our parents, our time & place of birth. We lay out what lessons we want to learn and who’s going to help us. We create soul contracts with certain people who are challenging to help us grow and remember who we are. These are people from our spirituality team and soulmates. As we incarnate on earth we pass through a veil of forgetfulness upon conception. We forget our true identities which is why we absorb social conditioning.

Our soul team divinely guide us toward becoming our true self and living the most fulfilling life. This is our higher self, spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones. They never impose on our free will though. Through our intuition we can communicate with them. Through our own personal power, we will always attract the lessons needed. Our spirit guides will direct people and resources to us that are essential for further knowledge and growth.

As like attracts like, we are now on different wave lengths, probably less common with our friends and family. Let’s be reasonable and understand that a lot of people simply do not know what an awakening is. Therefore most take a great disinterest in ours. We can point them in the direction of material to read with best wishes but when people aren’t vibrating the same, it’s hard to make what we are saying actually be heard.

Sometimes its necessary to cut ties and sever relationships that no longer serve us. This doesn’t mean we have to become enemies, we can still send love and light from a distance. When we grow spiritually, we raise our vibrations, therefore we will naturally attract more loving, enlightened beings into our lives.

During a Paradigm Shift, We May Notice…

We examine who we used to be and what we used to do. We notice just how messed up the world can be. Feeling compassion for the suffering of humans and animals is a part of the awakening process. We experience an urge to lead by example and positively impact the world around us. It feels great to give, volunteer, or be of service to others. Once awakened we feel more at peace and create bliss and euphoria.

The desire to spend time in nature, improving relationships and connecting with others are signs of expanded consciousness. Growing a garden, plants, flowers or herbs seem to come easier as they respond to our nurturing more than ever. Wild animals become less afraid of our presence. Maybe some carry messages from the divine. Our interests evolve as our need to grow spiritually and align with our life’s purpose shift. Everything we experience feels more pleasurable due to our newly heightened senses.

Getting to this point can help us realize that there is more to existence than to be the material characters that is society-accepting. Killing our bodies from the stress of a job we don’t like, getting married and having a set number of children with a white picket fence seems so mundane all of the sudden. Although we feel as if we’re having an identity crisis while on the verge of insanity, we shed the truth of the physical reality and eventually reach mental clarity.

Enchanting Shadows

There are some not so bright parts. When we begin to awaken, layers will be shed. We go through extreme polarity of emotions that seem to be out of our control. We may experience rage, spiritual depression/dark night of the soul, anxiety and fear. We need to allow these things to exit our systems. This is our illusion self – ego, is being shed through ego death, so our true self, spirit, can thrive. Having a spiritual awakening isn’t something to fear, although some of us had to rule out schizophrenia for our families.

Since a paradigm is a framework with unwritten rules that directs actions, when it shifts, an important way of thinking or doing something changes. This can result in our emotions holding an all day pass on the tallest, loopiest roller coaster in the park. As my world became confusing, I started living in a perpetual state of fear, it became more difficult for the people around me. Chaos touched my life and all of my relationships when I didn’t receive the memo of my paradigm shift.

To feel confusion about what is truth and real disconnects and isolates us from reality and our immediate company. Deep sadness can form when we no longer relate to others or even understand ourselves. We can start to believe our entire existence is a fabrication. Sudden waves of emotion where we feel angry, sad, inexplicably depressed and then switch to very happy is common during awakening and is usually our body releasing emotions that no longer match our frequencies.

This process can be felt physically by a pressure or sense of emotions congested in the middle of our chest around our heart chakra. It’s best to feel these emotions when they rise and then release them. Practicing acknowledging these feelings and releasing them through a process known as shadow work can be freeing. If we avoid these feelings they will stay clinging to our cellular memory which can block us from many things subconsciously.

Enchanting Vibrations

There is a shining excitement buried in this chaotic shift. The magick of the universe is revealed. The universe, our spirit guides and angels are always communicating with us through numbers, coins, feathers, and synchronicities. These are gifts that grab our attention and remind us to stay positively aligned with the life we want. We all affect the world at any given time by the vibration we put out. Our thoughts invoke feelings which lead to certain actions. The best thing we can do for ourself is to have high vibration frequencies in the here and now. The simple truth is that the future is not completely predetermined. The choices we make in the present moment with our thoughts and feelings play a significant role in what our lives are like right now. Ultimately, our true work in life is to constantly raise our vibrational frequency because like attracts like. Spiritual alignment and manifesting work together. Tuning our own frequency to match our desires is the key. We have that power!

Higher Enchantments

The human soul desires a connection with the spirit world. The stronger we create the spiritual connection, the more powerful our manifesting abilities will be. We become more open to communication with spirit and angels. We are now able to channel the frequency that allows us to become receptive to download information from spirit guides and the divine source. We experience an increase in our intuitive abilities, clairvoyance, outer body experiences and other psychic phenomena.

Our imagination will become more powerful than our thought process making our consciousness shift to where manifestation is the strongest it’s ever been. Our intentions and beliefs fuel our actions into form, creating our own reality and we begin to notice our thoughts have power.

We can trick our subconscious mind into believing that our desire has already manifested by acting “as if”. Changing our mindset will heighten the frequency we emit into the universe and we can help this by setting strong intentions, affirmations, visualizations and scripting using a manifesting journal. Trust that everything is going to be ok and detach from the outcome. Releasing all control and remaining open to possibilities allow things to process easily.


Meaningful coincidences that occur without a casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related are known as synchronicities. They happen when our higher selves or the universe attempt to grab our attention. This can happen in the form of animals, numbers, deja vu, or someone saying something to us that was recently brought to our attention.

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.

Our cells and astral bodies are synchronized with the universe and we become synchronized with our magickal powers. When we match the vibration of love, we are sending love out into the universe. This means we are going to get more of it right back. The more we acknowledge these synch’s the more they will appear to us as messages letting us know if we are on the right track or not.

Accepting Your Enchantments

It’s truly mind blowing to learn anything about enlightenment and is extremely important to keep an open mind. It’s perfectly ok to not believe the same way or same thing as another, but when we dismiss information due to different belief systems, we miss out on great knowledge or benefits. The whole class of awakened spirits aren’t wrong or lying. Not having an understanding to a subject can influence people to disbelieve their very own experiences.

The universe will never give you anything you can’t handle. We might be frightened in the beginning, especially with the feeling of uncertainty or simply unaware of what’s happening, but we shouldn’t become petrified of it.

The conditioning we are taught growing up could subconsciously block the ability to accept our awakening is real and cause the rejection. Maybe underlying limiting beliefs that we are unworthy of having a good life are handed down to us. At any point you feel you are too overwhelmed or you simply don’t feel comfortable with any of this, there are many online sites and blogs that can ease your apprehension or talking to a spiritual counselor can benefit.

Although a spontaneous awakening is confusing for us as well as everyone around us, it is extremely exciting and an honor. Self care is number one priority which means seeking guidance may be necessary. Solitude may be necessary. We should do what we need to do to take care of us first to clear congested thoughts for our new magickal life.


Victoria ☯︎