Welcome to Your Awakening

The energetic levels of cosmic flux are being highlighted right now so that more of us will spiritually awaken. Anyone of us can be triggered by this phenomenon but it’s common after we experience an intense or life-altering event. What we feel like emotionally, mentally, and physically when we embrace this change and strengthen our relationship with the divine is difficult to describe. There isn’t a time frame or schedule set and we all have free will and unique upbringings. Those of us that have had a sudden change of heart about all areas of life go through several similar events but the sensation is ours to know. So what happens during an awakening? A lot of things!

At this point, we may be aware of the spiritual aspect and have started questioning the meaning of existence. Life has changed drastically in recent generations and the certainty of stability for our future has gone. We aren’t expected to marry, live, and die where we were born like our great grandparents. Feeling lost, alone, and disconnected from the world are common to feel during the earlier stages of spiritual awakening.

We’ll find ourselves with a sudden desire to change career paths, volunteer our time, or join a church to fill the void of something missing within. Our life purpose is the solution to the confusion we’re experiencing. We need to get our chaotic, messy life in order – right now.

We crave to be alone. I am highly social and extroverted, but my desire to be alone is still in full force. Processing emotions around the company is a challenge when our mind is imitating a super 8 film projector that’s slipped off the reel. The highs and lows we go through while we question the blueprint of our being requires focus. We often disconnect from dead relationships and weed out the congestion in our lives.

What’s the Purpose of an Awakening?

But why do we do this anyway? Lacking direction, motivation, support, or clarity that’s needed to help get through life’s challenges makes us stuck. To avoid wasting what we have to offer the world, we are given an opportunity to change the emptiness inside and discover our true selves. Despite whatever may trigger the process of awakening, our soul is ready to undergo a process of transformation.

We might not have otherwise received insights or answers to life situations without awakening. Resolving deep personal questions about ourselves and the human experience is how we advance to the next level of enlightenment. This is why so often this journey is described as a painful event. The truths about ourselves and the world can be harsh but ultimately we uncover the source of how our pain was created and the avenues needed to release them from our emotional bodies. We heal ourselves and expand our conscious intelligence by remembering the unconscious.

Temporary Personal Changes

When we are ready to buckle down on our spirituality for a better understanding of ourselves, we experience temporary changes in our personalities. There are signs that can clue us in that we have begun our transformation. These phases can be odd and confusing, making us and our loved ones question our mental and emotional health.

Fluctuating Moods

There’s a great mess of terrible confusion while we uncover the actual truth about life. To be blunt – what we were taught is false. Maybe we reflect on situations knowing we didn’t behave authentically for the sake of being socially accepted. Or maybe we feel disgusted realizing that all of society is fake and we have lived life this way.

Becoming less tolerant of certain characteristics of people and distancing ourselves from lower energies is inevitable. But it’s common to slip back into old patterns of thinking. Sometimes we have a strong connection to the universe and sometimes our connection seems shaky.

Feeling like we received an answer to a question that we didn’t know we asked or a sudden new perspective on an event can shift our mood. Deep buried emotions surface for healing, and remembering them can be like a fresh wound. Working to release outdated programming is emotional as we confront dull aspects of ourselves. Lashing out at the nearest receiver of our rage will in turn make us feel guilty and ashamed.

The mass amount of the feelings we will experience, no matter how positive or negative, cause fluctuation from happy, sad, angry, or dramatic. Hopefully, it becomes clear that harboring negative feelings clogs us from receiving love. There are techniques available to help release these traumatic events so we can make peace with our past.

Erratic Sleeping Patterns + Energy Burst/Drain

Sometimes we feel sluggish after a full night’s rest and have to take a nap. But the next night getting less sleep than normal suffices. We go through episodes of energy shifts, where one day we feel like we are running on fast forward to extreme fatigue.

A random burst of energy with elevated emotions are signs of an energy download. When we move beyond intellect level thoughts, we are aligned with higher consciousness. This can be achieved through meditation or practicing mindfulness, and we can absorb information this way. A heightened state of awareness allows us to receive “downloads” of information.

Energy downloads can give us the clarity we need in our souls. We can find ourselves being on higher levels of psychic abilities. Our energy levels can be elevated to the point that lights flicker around us, radios sound like static, and our cellular devices or vehicle batteries drain.

Time Perception

The concept of how we view time changes. Time doesn’t feel like it has structure anymore as our consciousness slips into a more present mindset. It seems that time is passing slower or time is accelerating with hours passing without us noticing. This can be because the changes in our lives are growing and we are learning a great deal in a short amount of time.

Sensory Changes

An awakening can affect our sensors temporarily. For a couple of months, I noticed my eyesight improved so much that I wasn’t wearing my contacts. Blurry vision, more vivid colors, a shimmering field around objects in our peripheral vision are all possible. We become more sensitive to the energies around us.

The solar system is relocating to the center of the galaxy, emitting ascension energy onto earth to carry out the ascension shift vibration. During this time it’s more possible than ever to align with higher vibrations, even hearing this frequency. Our innate power in the physical form is more in tune after awakening to higher dimensions. Physic senses open for more awareness beyond physical senses. White noise, electronic patterns, beeping, and ringing in our ears are quite common and signify a DNA upgrade.

Enhanced smell and taste can be both unpleasant and enjoyable. With an increased sense of taste, we can detect some additives in our food or the sweet taste of our favorite desserts can be doubled. Smells can become stronger making them more unpleasant to be around certain fragrances. These can become so strong they make us nauseous.

Physical Ailments

Being ungrounded and overloaded with energy will keep us dizzy. Headache, lower back & shoulder pain, and limb tingles are sensations often reported. Muscle spasms and increased heartbeat can occur with fluctuation of body temperature.

The transformation process can produce rashes, acne, or hives. This is most common while working through emotional issues that bring toxins to the surface.

Tuning into our Spiritual Gifts

Usually, when a spiritual awakening happens, our spiritual gifts open. Gifts surface when we’re ready to stand fully in our light shamelessly.

Energy Sensitive

Being energy sensitive is the gift of evoking positive change into the world. Learning to control and manage energy can make great things happen. We can empathize with the company we keep by reading their energy. Energy sensitive people can become great teachers, healers, and leaders.


Some people are gifted with the talent of tapping into the higher dimensional realms. We can channel messages from angels, ascended masters, spirits, entities, or our higher self collectives. There are different forms of channeling by automatic writing, creating art/sculptures/paintings or the clairs:

  • Clairvoyance: seeing the information our guides or spirits are presenting to us.
  • Claircognizance: just knowing information or answers we ask.
  • Clairaudience: clear inner hearing of songs or messages from spirits.
  • Clairsentience: feeling intuitive messages through emotions or sensations.
  • Clairgustance: intuitive messages through tasting something suddenly in our mouth.
  • Clairalience: communication through scents present suddenly with no explanation.


there is a voice that doesn’t use words. listen”


Putting our trust in the universe/God/energy source or whatever divinity we believe in, is the best way to rise higher. Consuming life with fear of what the future will bring is inhibiting what can happen. Imagining what we don’t want is negative visualization because we create our reality in the present.

Embracing the uncertainty of what the universe will bring us in the future leaves the possibilities open. Trusting the right people, lessons, and circumstances will come at the right time is encouraging to reach inner peace.

We already trust in the universe more than we acknowledge. We trust that we are alive right now and that we will naturally take our next breath and we will naturally keep our hearts pumping. We trust that the earth is going to continue to be just where it needs to be for the safety of humanity.

Inner Peace

Inner peace is being mentally and spiritually at peace with the knowledge to keep strong when facing difficulties or danger. Inner harmony and balance allow us to be in charge of our own emotional intelligence and control our reactions in external conditions.

Anxiety, stress, and fears are eliminated after reaching inner peace. We remove negativity and unhappiness and become healthier. We accept our life as it is and reach the state of passivity with an open heart and spiritual outlook.

Notice the Extraordinary Happening

Our lives change when our soul awakens and we gain clarity. This transformation starts within and will begin to reflect out while bringing new meaning to our life. We gain confidence, courage, trust, and live in truth. Our actions, thoughts, and speech become nonviolent and we inspire others.

Opening to our innate truth of higher dimensional awareness and divine love is felt within, not externally. When our soul awakens, we shine our light. Becoming the truest version of ourselves is a sacred and manageable journey.

High Vibrations!

Victoria ☯︎

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