Spoiler Alert – You’re Magick

“Magic is the Highest, most Absolute, and most Divine Knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things; so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.”

King Solomon – 1570’s

Wands, witches, and Harry Potter came to mind for the majority after hearing the magick word. (see what I did there?)

Way back in the first century BCE magick was associated with demons but eventually, both negative and positive understandings of the term surfaced.  Today, magick is socially limited to children. Adults that entertain the subject are said to be suspending their critical thinking.

But with magick being a subject of such fascination with the topic shaping history, is it real or mythical? 

My opinion? “You’re a wizard, Harry.”

Define Magick

Magic tricks are illusions performed by stage magicians for entertainment. 

Today, magick is the spelling given by Aleister Crowley. He defines magick as the art and science of causing a change in conformity with will. The “k” was added to distinguish between parlor tricks and the innate power of humanity.

The concept of magick has been proposed in various different definitions. Many contemporary scholars regard the magical concept to be so problematic, they reject it altogether.

The majority of us share a generic image of magick as possessing a craft skilled in raising and directing energy from the elements to shape reality. 

Typically, the people who employ this craft are known as witches.

But, all magicians, witches, and wizards aside, this post is focused on the magical beings us humans are.  When we’re on a spiritual path, we maintain internal and external goals. Understanding the power we hold in our mind, body, and spirit can support our achievements.

Did you Know you Were Born a Creator?

Reality itself is pretty magical. The fact that a human female can house another human inside her and push all her organs aside is magick. As miraculous as the human body is, there’s a lot that remains mysterious. Not nearly as mysterious as the human mind, however.

Take a look at one of the several studies to show how thoughts can directly influence the sub-atomic world while manipulating matter.

Dr. Masaru Emoto concluded a study with the discovery that our thoughts have a direct impact on the molecules in water. He found beautiful crystals formed in water exposed to positive thoughts and deformed crystals formed in water exposed to negative thoughts.

So if our thoughts can influence water, then our will, thoughts, and beliefs have a direct influence on our bodies. The human body is around 70% water. Amazing, right?

That, in a nutshell, is the power of magick. Our thoughts are the manifestation of magick. We are magick.

Everything is Energy 

Let’s reference science using the element of water again. The molecules in water will change form at different speeds. We get ice when they move slow. Water becomes gas at a faster speed. This demonstration revolves around energy.

On a molecular level, the human body is billions + of vibrating atoms. We are nothing more than the fluctuation of energy. Molecules move at such a rapid speed that objects take on a solid structure.

This means that the universe, and all of us, are made of the same ingredients.

There isn’t separation on the molecular level so, in this way, we are actually connected to everything. Whether side by side or miles apart, things are constantly interacting with each other.

Metaphysical fields call this spiritual truth.

Energy creates molecules inside our brains when we have thought. Those molecules influence our cell structure and essentially form the basis of reality. The frequency of our thoughts attracts similar frequencies. Basically, we attract what we send out.

At a molecular level, the vibration frequency of our thoughts undertakes the manifesting process. This influences our soul on a metaphysical plane and finally, in some way manifest in the physical form.

Some know this as the Law of Attraction. Aleister Crowley’s definition of magick being “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity at will” sounds like the very definition of the Law of Attraction.

Cosmic Laws

A natural phenomenon that governs all actions in our world exists, called the Cosmic Laws or Universal Laws. This includes physical laws – helping us to understand the world around us, as well as metaphysical laws – guidelines for body, mind, and spirit.

Having a basic understanding of the laws allows us to consciously apply them to achieve our desired surroundings. Below are germane laws and sub-laws.

  • The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – change is the only constant in the universe. This means all persons have within them the power to change their reality no matter where they are in their lives.
  • The Law of Mentalism – all that exists is a thought in the Cosmic Mind. Every thought is a transmutable reality. We can influence matter by our minds. We can create our own reality through our thoughts.
  • Law of Magnetism – everything in the universe vibrates and has its own magnetic field that can be influenced. Unconsciously, our magnetic field affects everything that’s in our physical vicinity.
  • The Law of Perspective – what we experience in our reality is interpretative to our inner beliefs. Life is what we think it is and we can alter it by changing what we think. Laboratory experiments have proved influence over subatomic particles by the mental force or simple observation by physicists.
  • The Law of Attention – also called the Law of Fixation, pertains to energy transmission. We send energy rays to whatever we focus our attention on. Energy follows our mental force and we can gain influence.
  • The Law of Connection – every transmission of energy forms a link between two people or objects. This link will remain indefinitely unless we wish to severe it metaphysically.
  • The Law of Words of Power – some words and mantras are able to change our reality. The energy pattern found in their vibration allows us to access the powers they’ve acquired by others using them throughout the ages. Mantras become more powerful with every use.
  • Law of Vibration – everything moves and vibrates in patterns to a unique vibration frequency. This applies to our thoughts, feelings, and desires. These are known in the ether.
  • Law of Correspondence – what we think and have emotion towards in our conscious and subconscious create corresponding realities. Our 3rd-dimensional world reflects what we hold within. As above, so below.
  • Law of Attraction – what resonates with our own radiation will reflect in our physical world. Like attracts like. What we desire can manifest by the energies of our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions.

Some sub-laws of the Law of Attraction are:

  • Law of Chemical Affinity – also called the Law of Cohesion, referring to the attractive forces between substances of homogenous nature or substances that combine well together.
  • Law of Radiation energy is continuously moving in some form. Radioactive substances are in the dispersal state and can be directed by our mind.
  • Law of Color – colors are simply a vibration of energy that can be used to attract. They are intriguing and can be seen from far distances.
  • Law of Schools – when we expand our consciousness by evolutionary progress, it’s possible to attract our higher self, other spiritual souls, and what we need to learn.

Employing the Cosmic Laws is a positive direction in our spiritual growth. Mortal opinions or denial of the Cosmic Laws have zero effect on their nature.

“The non-belief in the Law of Gravity does not affect its being, or to cause it to be non-existent. Cosmic laws continue to exist and to function no matter what man knows or believes about them. The Law of Gravity has existed long before its discovery, and it will continue to exist long after man has forgotten about it.

– The Esoteric Library, A Collection of Sacred-Magick.com

Power of Suggestion

An experiment blindfolded a man while another man held a lump of burning coal behind his back. He felt the heat getting stronger as the coal moved closer to his body. But instead of making skin contact with the hot coal, he was instead touched with a block of ice.

The anticipation and fear of being burned with the hot coal while sensing its heat tricked his mind into believing he was burned with a lump of hot coal. His skin formed a reaction based on this belief.

A blister formed on his back!

This supports not only that the mind is a powerful thing, but that all experiences are happening within our mind.

5D Mystical Consciousness

“In truth, there is only one mind.”

Erwin Schrodinger, 1933 Physics Nobel Prize Winner

Mystical consciousness is an ultimate reality and insight into hidden truths. Through this purifying transformation, we awaken to our true identity and develop unification with the divine.

This entire process is related to metaphysics, psychology, and magick.

The fifth dimension isn’t an actual place, but rather a state of consciousness. The entirety of the universe is nothing more than vibrating forces of energy that connects everything. Essentially, we realize we are all one entity of intertwined intelligence.

Law of Divine Oneness – everything is in the universe is connected. Our thoughts, words, and actions have a corresponding effect on others. Being aware of this allows us to live our most divine life. 

Spiritual intuition of truth transcends ordinary understanding. We gain a direct union of the soul with the ultimate forces of a divinity. Supernatural patrons help us access the power to untainted magick and reach pure ecstasy.

Spending more time in higher consciousness leads to a positive lifestyle. If we are in higher levels of consciousness, our energy will vibrate with a higher frequency and, in turn, attract positive circumstances.

“You are not your body: you are not your brain, not even your mind. You are Spirit. All you have to do is reawaken to the memory, to remember.”

Dr. Brian L. Weiss

Is there a Reason NOT to Believe in Magick?

A wide argument is that science can’t prove that it does exist. But just because science cannot rule something in doesn’t necessarily mean they should rule something out, no?

Dr. Carl Jung once stated, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” 

Of course, for thousands of years now, the knowledge of our magical beings have existed. Jesus, Confucius, and the Buddha have come forward to give back our birthright.

Scare tactics defining magick as the devil’s work included torture and mass murder. Did we not take away from the inquisition that burning the witch is admitting magick’s existence?

We have been conditioned with limiting beliefs and have kept this subject in the superstition, occult, or children’s fiction section for too long.

The placebo effect alone is scientific proof that our thoughts contain power. I think the real question to ask someone who doesn’t believe in magick, is why?

Blessed Be!

~ Victoria 🧿