The 7 Sacred Rays

In the here and now, there is a collective evolution happening on planet Earth. During the sudden onset of psychosis symptoms would be a great time to explore spiritual jargon.

We don’t have to be spiritual to enjoy traditional astrology and sign up for daily horoscope. But those of us that are on the spiritual journey take advantage of astrology’s conscious big sister, esoteric astrology.

This astrological system can reveal what it is that our soul seeks. This post will saunter through the Seven Rays of Light and how they affect each one of us.

What about the Seven Rays?

The Seven Rays are the orchestration of all existence. They are seven fundamental qualities that manifest from the one creator. When light is projected through a prism, it fragments into seven colors.

These seven qualities are each different but have an equal amount of importance to the one light. They are the foundation of everything in manifestation and the primary energies that permeate all that we are.

With the rule of Three become Seven, wherein any three items; A, B, C, can combine in exactly seven ways, Rays 1 – 3 are aspect. Corresponding with the Holy Trinity they are the foundation of creation. The remaining four Rays are attributed from the third Rays intelligence.

The energy of septenary correspondences:

  • 7 spirits before the throne • 7 Archangels in Christianity
  • 7 sacred planets • 7 Rishi Lords in Hinduism
  • 7 continents • 7 Sephiroth in Kabbalah
  • 7 colors of the rainbow • 7 Cohans in Buddhism
  • 7 chakras • 7 Holy Immortals in Zoroastrianism
  • 7 endocrine glands • 7 Gods of Good Luck in Shinto
  • 7 musical notes • 7 wonders of the world
  • 7 days of the week • 7 seas

“There is naught in the world but energy, the Atom of atoms is only energy and God itself is naught but energy.”

Master Djwhal Khul

The Rays are seven forces that generate the universe and everything in it. They come from three primordial aspects of manifestation: consciousness, substance, and energy.

Expressions of the Seven Rays

These cosmic origins are interconnected through a network of energy streams. The Seven Rays also condition planetary affairs.

Concept of Each Ray

  • Ray 1 – The Ray of Divine Will and Power
  • Ray 2 – The Ray of Love and Wisdom
  • Ray 3 – The Ray of Active Intelligence and Adaptability
  • Ray 4The Ray of Harmony Through Conflict
  • Ray 5 – The Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science
  • Ray 6 – The Ray of Idealism and Devotion
  • Ray 7 – The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic

Color Vibrations

It seems like contradictions of color are in various literature and teachings, but this is because we experience the Rays through color and sound. Esoteric understandings say these colors will vary intuitively with different harmonics and vibrations.

Generic Colors:

  • Ray 1 – Red
  • Ray 2 – Indigo Blue
  • Ray 3 – Forest Green
  • Ray 4 – Yellow
  • Ray 5 – Orange
  • Ray 6 – Light Blue or Silvery Rose
  • Ray 7 – Violet

“… when a man’s Ray is known, stimulation will come from the use of his own colour, a building-in will be brought about by the use of his complementary colour, and disintegration of unwanted matter will be brought about by the use of an antagonistic colour.”

Alice A. Bailey, Body, Mind & Spirit

Correlating Chakra

The Seven Rays interact with us through the outflowing energy from our meridians. Our physical issues mirror our emotional behavior in that area and are related to our spirit, soul, and personality.

  • Ray 1 – Throat
  • Ray 2 – Crown
  • Ray 3 – Heart
  • Ray 4 – Root
  • Ray 5 – Third Eye
  • Ray 6 – Solar Plexus
  • Ray 7 – Sacral

The Seven Rays can be found in healing modality practices. Light therapist and Radionics Practitioner, Primrose Cooper, claims her clients “find psychological insight into their soul’s purpose” while working with the Rays.

Clearing our chakras is essential for the emotional mind and body. Having balanced energies will deliver clarity in muddling times of ascension.

Astrological Planet:

  • Ray 1 – Vulcan and Pluto
  • Ray 2 – Sun and Jupiter
  • Ray 3 – Earth and Saturn
  • Ray 4 – Mercury and Moon
  • Ray 5 – Venus
  • Ray 6 – Neptune and Mars
  • Ray 7 – Uranus

Astrological Sign:

  • Ray 1 – Aries/Leo/Capricorn
  • Ray 2 – Gemini/Virgo/Pisces
  • Ray 3 – Cancer/Libra/Capricorn
  • Ray 4 – Taurus/Scorpio/Sagittarius
  • Ray 5 – Leo/Sagittarius/Aquarius
  • Ray 6 – Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces
  • Ray 7 – Aries/Cancer/Capricorn

Occult Quality

C.W. Leadbetter gave this list showing the type of enchanting characteristics each Ray holds. The list shows what he regarded as the type of magick that’s best compatible with each Ray.

The Mystical Seven:

  • Ray 1 – Magick of Will of Magician
  • Ray 2 – Magick of Raja Yoga (Development of Mind)
  • Ray 3 – Magick of Astrology (Natural Magnetic Forces)
  • Ray 4 – Magick of Hatha Yoga (physical development)
  • Ray 5 – Magick of Alchemy (Manipulation of Material Substances)
  • Ray 6 – Magick of Bhakti Yoga (Selfless Service and Altruistic Love)
  • Ray 7 – Ceremonial magick (Invocation of Elementals)


Assigned to each Ray is an Archangel documented in the Abrahamic religion.

  • Ray 1 – Michael
  • Ray 2 – Jophiel
  • Ray 3 – Chamuel
  • Ray 4 – Gabriel
  • Ray 5 – Raphael
  • Ray 6 – Uriel
  • Ray 7 – Zadkiel

Human Temperaments:

  • Ray 1 – Power, will, courage, leadership, occultist, politicians.
  • Ray 2 – Universal love, wisdom, insight, intuition, teachers, healers, philanthropy, spiritual sympathy, cooperativeness.
  • Ray 3 – Creative ideation, comprehension, understanding, philosophers, economist, interpretive mental power, adaptability, astrologers, dignity, impartiality.
  • Ray 4 – Stability, harmony, balance, beauty, rhythm, artists, poets, musicians. Kingdom of nature.
  • Ray 5 – Analytical and logical mentality, accuracy, patience, scientists, researchers, engineers, inventors.
  • Ray 6 – One-pointedness, ministers, mystics, fiery enthusiasm, devotion, sacrificial love, loyalty.
  • Ray 7 – Grace, precision, ordered beauty and activity, chivalry, skill, dignity, noble bearing, builders, designers, magicians, military method.

Seven Great Beings

These divine energies influence everything within and around us. We are able to experience the qualities of all the Rays at some point, as they each condition all levels of human existence.

Each of the Rays represents a lesson our souls must undergo according to our karma. As we ascend, we balance and come into influence from that particular Ray.

  • Ray 1The Lord of the Burning Ground. People influenced by this Ray view the world from a deep understanding of principles with the ability to govern and direct others. Divine justice with unshakable strength guiding men and forming nations.
  • Ray 2 Lord of Eternal Love. This Ray produces great teachers and wisdom in healing. Those under its influence are highly intuitive and compassionate.
  • Ray 3Universal Mind. Creative thinkers and pro-active living can describe the qualities of this Ray. These people tend to do the right thing at the right moment.
  • Ray 4Beauty of Divinity. People under this influence can be dramatic, invoking turmoil. However, they are able to find a resolution as well. They are artistic.
  • Ray 5Dividing Sword. This Ray sheds light on things. This Ray influences great scientists of the world. People along this Ray have the ability to make accurate scientific observations and great Technology advancement. These people are usually dependable.
  • Ray 6The Negator of Desire. Another love Ray has a strong influence over the world due to its relationship with the zodiac sign of Pisces, which we recently moved out of.
  • Ray 7Keeper of the Magickal Word. Rules of how things are structured. Our normal physical environment is related to this Ray.

What can the Rays do for us?

It’s said that there are seven types of souls and we can find ours on one of the Rays. We can identify our soul Ray, as well as the Rays that are influential to our emotions, and personality. This can bring us hints to our soul mission this incarnation on Earth. Finding our Ray can bring a strong sense of purpose.

Each of our souls is colored by one of the Rays. By exploring this concept we can understand our full spiritual structure. Training our personality to use the Ray’s energy that is available to us, we can take on the full responsibility for our spiritual evolution.

Through the Rays, we can understand how to apply our unique gifts for the highest good of all. We can obtain a deeper self-awareness and a deeper understanding of others. The Rays can aid our spiritual transformation which in turn strengthens our home life, career, and relationships.

Confused Yet?

The teachings on the Seven Rays can be extremely complex. This is just a synopsis to generalize the Rays.

Through each of the Ray’s unique quality contributions, they teach humanity truth. Each of us is shaped and formed to our individual complexity through the different Ray influences.

We aim to awaken to our true selves when we begin the spiritual path. This path is a process of exploring every aspect of ourselves, our beliefs, and others so we may vibrate to our fullest.

We know that everything is energy and all forms of energy are interconnected through a vast network of energy streams through the cosmos. Understanding how we express our own personal energy and where we want to be can be achieved by studying the Rays.


Victoria ☯︎