Signs & Synchs For Twin Souls

We all receive signs and synchronicities from the universe throughout our path. These are meant to grab our attention from the universe, our guides, our higher selves, angels, and sometimes our passed over loved ones.

These are to convey messages or to warn us that we are traveling down the wrong path. Or simply let us know a loved one in the spirit realm is with us in troubling times. Whatever the meaning behind signs and synchs are, they are heartwarming to receive.

To those of us that belong to the group of Twin Souls that have incarnated on Earth at this time to help humanity evolve, we will get many signs and synchs throughout our journey. These are the same as the collectives, but the meanings they carry are specifically tuned to our Twin Flame path.

Here’s a synopsis of stages, signs, synchronicities, and Angel Numbers we could encounter being a TF couple. Keep in mind, none of the information listed is exhaustive.

Twinergy Stages

It’s claimed that TF’s go through a certain set of stages throughout their relationship. There isn’t a set of rules for this partnership, however, the most common stages reported are:

  • Searching for the ONE Stage
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • The testing stage
  • The Crisis
  • Runner/Chaser
  • The Surrender
  • The Reunion

The search stage is basically our intuition preparing our lives for the meeting of our Twin Soul. Its the purging of old, stagnant energies, people, and belongings. It’s when we know something is missing from our lives and on an unconscious level, we clean up our lives to welcome in our twin.

A chance encounter that is coincidence will bring us face to face with our divine counterpart. This is because it was destined to happen and universal forces interfered with our plans so we may lock eyes with our gorgeous person and experience true love at first sight.

The testing stage comes after we experience the honeymoon phase. This is a crucial stage for our long-term relationship later. We try to understand our relationship, our partner, and establish boundaries. We test our limits with each other and negotiate what the future holds for us.

By this point, one of us will have spiritually awakened, usually the divine feminine, because meeting our twin triggers it. We may think its our first meeting, but our souls recognize each other immediately, and they want us to remember this as well. Spiritually awakening is extremely confusing when we have no clue what’s happening to us. Our emotions are crazy, and it brings up past life memories, repressed emotions, and past traumas. This is so we can clear and release them, but when neither of us know why or what’s happening…it gets ugly.

At this point, often the relationship is so confusing and exhausting, the twins decide to end it. Leaving our supernaturally compatible counterpart is extra painful. Too painful to find the words to describe it.

The next stage revolves around one twin distancing themselves by whatever means necessary, and the other refusing to let it be done. But, we both know the bond is too strong to forget and worth fighting for.

Eventually, a positive realization occurred for both twins. Both twins have worked through a lot of negativity that occurred in the relationship and the power of true love is too powerful to ignore. Releasing past conflicts and anxieties, destiny will remind us that we can’t escape her. Accepting the trust we have in the universe will lead us back to our twin. Balance is being restored.

Reuniting with our twin happens after a reciprocal understanding of each other’s boundaries. It’s not about blaming, accusing, or rehashing past hurts, but rather learning and growing from them. It’s taking control of our own life verses people-pleasing. It’s saying we want to experience the amazing bliss of true love. It’s demonstrating the power of the other half of our soul and rising above the mainstream relationship paradox of society.

Signs & Synchs

It’s said that depending on which stage of our Twin Flame journey we’re in, the signs come to us differently. Any one of us can ask the universe or guides a specific question and state the thing we want to see for confirmation. This is true for twins at any given stage as well.

When we are close to reuniting with our beloved partner, the universe, guides, angels, and both higher selves will send us signs. Higher forces let us know that our thoughts and actions are on a good path.

Through signs, we can start to spot representations of Twin Flames like Yin/Yang symbols, swans, or the infinity symbol. Other signs can come in the form of true love, like suddenly everywhere we go we see couples loving on each other. This doesn’t have to be real-life couples, it could also be on the television, advertisements, or figurines.

These signs could be in the most random places like an add with figurines kissing in the middle of searching for incense on Amazon. Or seeing animals in pairs. The occupation of our twin can be shoved in our face throughout the day, or constantly seeing the make of their vehicle.

Seeing the name of our twin in increasing amounts throughout our day could be a signal that they are wanting communication. It doesn’t have to just be their first name. It could be the first, middle, or last name. It could even be the name of their pet or family member.

This could occur on t.v., on the radio, or having a conversation with someone. While we’re eating in a restaurant and the table next to us is discussing someone with the name of our twin, or reading an article with the author’s name being the same.

Anywhere we hear or see our twins name in increasing amounts are good indications that the cosmic forces are telling us to get ready.

For any of us that are walking the spiritual path, synchronicities happen constantly. But for TF’s, synchronicities will increase to let us know that our lives are about to get more magical. I had five synchronicities occur in the span of ten minutes one day. The feeling was incredible and really alerted me that something special is on its way.

These synchronicities could also reflect our twin. Maybe someone asks us about something and our answer is, “yes…when I was living with my twin.” Following that, a different person is speaking on memory and at that point in time, we were in a relationship with our twin.

Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are a sure sign of reunion because the meanings behind the number are specifically targeted to Twin Flames. Below are some common TF Angel Numbers that pop up often.

111 – means we’re going through a spiritual awakening. It’s a gateway to our power to create our own destiny. It’s a sign to only think positive thoughts because our manifestation powers are amplified. Never think about our fears because our powerful thoughts are calling those to us.

2 – when two appears, it means to have trust and faith in the new things that are manifesting into our lives.

222 – angels are fully supporting our TF journey and the unexpected events on our timeline.

333 – we are receiving comfort from the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters are with us. This also means a blast from our past may be surfacing, so follow our heart and intuition.

4 – any combination of the number four means that we have the passion and drive that we need to achieve our goals. We have what it takes to overcome obstacles standing in our way to harmony. We know that our ambitions can be achieved and other’s expectations aren’t our concern. working in harmony to achieve our ambitions and expectations.

555 – significant change is in the making for us behind the scenes.

6 – unconditional love, home, and family. Also, the service of others since TF’s are here on a divine mission to help humanity.

1234 – this combination of numbers is the most common for twins to experience synchs with at some point. It’s asking us to look forward at all times. Unfortunately, many of the divine counterparts carry a backward-facing perspective that holds grudges. This number tells us that we are at the point of releasing and growing. The cosmic forces are supporting our healing. Staying stuck on what has happened is pointless. The crucial next step is to look forward.

It doesn’t have to just be an Angel Number following us around. We could encounter our twin’s birthday, the day we met, the date of our first date, their address, phone number, ect.

I’m genuinely sending love and light to all the twin couples. I hope each are able to get the healing needed for a joyful reunion.