Stop TF Discrimination

Twin Flames are one soul divided into two separate bodies. Their purpose is to activate energy portals and raise the vibration of Mother Gaia which, in turn, helps humanity.

When Twin Flames come together, latent light codes are triggered and they radiate a contagious high vibration frequency. This is meant to elevate the collective consciousness, ending conflictual patterns.

Twin Flames have a divine mission to be the leading light and anchor a love-based template for reality.

After discovering my spiritual awakening two years ago, I have borderline obsessively read, talked, and studied enlightenment. Through extensive research, I learned that meeting my divine counterpart triggered this honor.

I also noticed an extensive highlight of their soul purpose. The purpose of Twin Flames is for the betterment of humanity versus romance is such a repetitive lecture that I almost mistook it for a cadence call.

Therefore, as respectfully as I can deliver, this post is aimed to address the discrimination I feel us Twin Flames get.

We Get It!

Truth is, the more of us that find our way back to the light, the more we all help each other find our true identities. We accomplish this by living in harmony. Twin Flames came here to blissfully reunite, not to experience pain. Being constantly reminded that my Twin Flame relationship isn’t about my personal emotions is demeaning. I even get emotional working as a paralegal during Abuse & Neglect cases…darn that compassion in me!

Seeking information about this phenomenon on the internet is different than hiring a life coach to employ tough love. Too many articles written by non-TF’s completely scold us for having the audacity to express desires regarding our twin. In these scenarios, I can’t help but imagine that the authors are green-eyed and bitter.

Oh, is the accusation of jealousy too far? Let me say this another way. You’re an ass, Kyle and your spiritual narcissism is showing!

My twin and I were not partnered up, formally introduced, and given a laminated, detailed syllabus on our lightworker mission by the Council of Light. Serendipitously, we were in the same place at the same time, looked at each other, and experienced what love at first sight means. We instantly connected and fell in love. Please excuse the boldness of my human, involuntary virtues after our devastating split!

From the beginning, the key point of the TF purpose was crystal clear. The reproach composure is strongly felt in most literature. Inquiring about the credentials of the separation period shouldn’t be met with ridicule. What’s more, I’ve witnessed many tarot readers laying down that guilt when ascertaining our twin.

We know what our mission is. We get it. My two-year-old grandson gets it. Matter of fact, my thirteen-year-old autistic kid compelled me to address this after he sarcastically said, “Mother, you’re here to save the world, stop romanticizing your relationship.” Even he gets it! Natural emotions of love shouldn’t be discredited because it’s accompanied by a larger meaning.

Love, Love, Love

It’s not fair that our despairing emotion during separation is diminished. An involuntary emotion we humans experience is a broken heart, and it’s standardly accepted when we’re upset.

It’s not uncommon to want a second chance after the demise of any relationship. People actually make careers out of helping poor unfortunate souls achieve this. But, in a case of true love lost, expressing this is collectively frowned upon.

I teach my boys to own their emotions and I lead by example. As an awakened soul, I understand the ascension process regarding healing the shadow. I understand the concept of discernment and illusions. But awakening is not one size fits all and neither is the human experience.

It’s not appropriate to tell a woman that her breast was given for the sole purpose of nursing her babies. Now that her children are adults, she has no use for them, right? Oh, you’re having a mastectomy? Calm down, Karen, your breast exhausted their mission, no need for tears.

We are made of love, by love, to love. Our happiness is what the universe wants! Sharing our divine love with our twin is also a goal.


Twin Flame lovemaking is the epitome of alchemy. Twins go through a different kind of healing than the rest of the collective. We carry more karma, and usually, we are the chosen to clear ancestral traumas. This experience is so complex, its impossible to be understood by others. I couldn’t attempt to express the loving feeling even if I were to jump up and down on Oprah’s couch! The way Tom felt about Katie is a good example to touch on the way twins feel for each other.

The unexplainable attraction and magnetic pull towards each other is a huge motivation for transformation and unity. The goal of every person is to find a partner to share life with. Just as anyone else loves their spouse, we love our Twin Flame, even if our soul contract is to benefits others.

I can desire my twin and remember my divine mission all at the same time! I have that much confidence in myself. Call me crazy, I may just be thinking outside the box, but what if I could perform my divine mission even better with my partner???

Sometimes there’s a shift in the certain function of a trait, that proves to serve another purpose. Almost as if evolution is actually real, Darwin! 🤭

Please, let us be in love. Let us experience the rights of a human the way everyone else is allowed to. Stop crushing our spirits.


Victoria 🔥🔥

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