Meditation Prep by Archangel Michael

I know, I know, meditation? I’m sure most of us know the amazing beneficial side effects, but let’s be real here. Most people meditate, uh, never. But those that do might be interested in meditation prep by Archangel Michael.

That doesn’t include me. I am a chronic meditator. My son says, “Mother, you can’t take three naps a day and claim you’re meditating.” But his smart mouth isn’t writing this.

I absolutely love to meditate. I like different forms of meditation, but a lot of it is guided. Sometimes after Archangel Michael’s messages, he takes us on a meditation journey. Just like before doing any type of spiritual work, he guides us into protection.

I like the way Archangel Michael preps for meditation. I thought other’s might find it useful as well, so I’m sharing it here.

Prep for Meditation by Checking Your Ego

Archangel Michael says that if it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or object, please do.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is only to be an observer on this journey.

Ask for Protection through Prayer

In your imagination, ask through prayer for protection by stating –

My Creator, I am asking you for a protective ray of white light to enfold me and lift me up so that I am experiencing the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my inner most depths of understanding and being.

I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey.

I am thanking you, my Creator, for assisting me by sending me this ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this being presence, I AM.

The Creator has answered and has gifted you with an iridescent white ray for this journey.

The rays are entering into your body through the solace of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel permeating throughout all of your energy fields and all corners of the area you are in. Then exiting through your crown chakra.

They rays are returning to the Creator and then cycling back down to you again, and then back to the Creator in a circling motion. These are in a continuous loop while you are in meditation.

Meditation Prep by Archangel Michael & The Power of Figure 8

Visualize yourself using your breath to form a figure 8. The in-breath forms the top loop of the 8, which goes over your head, and the out-breath forms the bottom loop which goes under your feet.

The middle of the 8 is your waist line and forms the still point between the in breath and out breath.

It is forming the sign of infinity and rhythmically forms over and over again with each in and out breath.

This is a reminder that you are infinitely guided through out eternity. You are now divinely protected this moment and nothing can even communicate with you that is not for your highest good without your permission.

Breath in deeply and feel the lighter relaxed feeling of being divinely guided into this meditation.

Breath in deeply and know you’re breathing to the pulse of the Creator. Listen to the Creator’s spiritual heartbeat and feel the unconditional love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

Want to Bring Guests?

Breath in deeply allowing and seeing within your spiritual imagination your guardian angels and guides take your etheric hand to direct you into your spiritual heart chakra.

At this time, invite all the spiritual guests that you’ll enjoy have accompany you on this journey.

Your guardian angels, guides, and special invited guests are now in your spiritual heart chakra.

You’ll Always Use Protection with Meditation Prep by Archangel Michael

Some of that seems like a long run-on sentence, but, he’s an old-fashioned angel. We’ll give him a break.

The important thing is protection. Before beginning any type of spiritual work, it’s a good idea to put up some sort of protection.

Using AAMichael’s method for protection also reminds me that I am unconditionally loved by the Creator.

Not everyone experiences that feeling. Even if it’s not for protection, I hope anyone feeling down can use this meditation prep by Archangel Michael and remember that you are truly loved.