Faith It til you Make It

Stay centered in the love of your sacred heart. Here is where the miracles happen. The sacred heart is the still point of creation. You are the focal point. You are the beginning, the end, the alpha, the omega, and the eternal circle, which has no end. Have faith that this is true.

Now is the time to learn how to hold the thought form into manifestation.

Match Frequencies & Have Faith

The attraction is about frequencies. Your signal must match the signal of what you’re attracting. Raise your vibration by looking at your attitude, thoughts, feelings, personality, emotions, morals, and character. You’ll find clues to unlock a change.

Next, look at your circle of friends. The positive ones raise your vibrational scale, and likewise, your vibe declines with the negative.

With an increase in your vibration comes an increase and the speed of your manifestation. Then, your point of view is expanded. If you trust in yourself, you will naturally orient to these shifts simultaneously. Doubting yourself throws your mental and emotional bodies out of alignment with your entire light body.

iridescent pink background with black text overlay - be still and manifest your best. Small gold heart in top right corner that says - always bee love, and two small bees flying.

Your soul knows your function and it blends in at the appropriate levels of where you are at that time. It wants to fulfill your role in the process of dimensional ascension and oneness. Are you there? Or is your soul in disorientation?

You can’t create and attract while disoriented.

Let go and trust that all is well even if you don’t understand what is taking place. Once you let go you naturally align with your inner sense of things. Allow it to flow and have faith that vibrations are synching to your primary experience.

You are the Source of the Eternal Circle

Look at it from this vantage point –  electrons spin in the same direction in substances like iron and nickel. This makes their atoms magnetic. Some substances can be magnetized by an electric current. 

You and you alone are the sources of your desires. Bless the flow of your abundance to create heaven on earth. When we send out love, abundance, and gratitude, it’s returned. It’s returned in the grand flow magnified by the expansiveness of the All That Is.

You are electric and magnetic. The masculine energy is electric and the feminine energy is magnetic. Although we primarily have dominant energy, we all still have both.

Did you know that Mother Gaia is a magnet? Our scientists still don’t understand why, but a conjecture is the movement of molten metal in her outer core. So maybe those currents create a magnetic field with invisible lines of force flowing between her magnetic poles.

I’m sharing this fun fact to support my dissertation faith and what’s actually possible. Just because we don’t know how or why something works doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. How do I know this is true? Archangel Michael told me.

Becoming a New Human

Love everything with curiosity and interest. Expect something wonderful to unfold and rejoice in your own function. Invite grace into your life to move all negativity out. Simply let go.

Becoming a new human requires you to learn to live from your soul perspective. Being fully conscious of your innate power and connectedness will clear and allow your unique function.

The wisdom is how to blend your function to all that is, moment to moment. You only need to trust your heart and move next to what feels good. This is your leap of faith and your band of hope.

Your path is unwinding. I have faith in your faith.

Faith it!