Joy & Spiritual Happiness

We confuse joy and happiness, so we think we failed if we aren’t happy all the time. Spiritual joy is the state of the heart and soul. It’s produced when the heart and soul unite for the greater good of all. It creates contentment, acceptance, and serenity. We can have joy and spiritual happiness.

It’s a deep knowing that whatever may happen will be for the greater good according to the divine plan.

Counter Productive to Hold Ourselves in Accountability

Happiness is a state of delight. That’s when we’re focused only on the positive and celebrate life. However, with all the chaos and imbalance in the world as everything shifts, happiness may be slightly out of reach.

We’re processing our own issues and energies but also as lightworkers we’re processing the emerges of the collective. We’re working together as a group towards collective happiness.

Although we should strive for our own happiness, we must be balanced with seeking happiness for the collective. As you know, we are all ONE, so what we experience must be experienced for the collective as well.

We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves if we can’t stay happy. The qualities that will sustain us until we can achieve happiness on Earth are courage and serenity.

The energy of quiet strength does more for others than any assumed front of happiness. We too are dealing with lifetimes of suppressed emotions. Understanding this can achieve joy and spiritual happiness.

We Are The Wayshowers fo Joy & Happiness

Each of us is being affected by the higher influx of energy. Humanity is in the midst of a great evolutionary change which is involving many tests and challenges.

We’re learning to use gifts and abilities that have laid dormant for eons. Part of our mission for the divine plan is to transmute the lower frequencies.

Feel the power surge through your being as you bring forth the highest frequencies possible. Then, transmit this healing energy down into Gaia. Envision the healing transforming light flowing through, healing and clearing her etheric web.

We are showing the way to work as a group and live as Oneness.

Be Courageous!