Yin Yang Lessons of Light

Through Yin and Yang, we see the balance of duality. Also found inside these semantically complex words, is the definition of Twin Flames. Aside from one of them opting out, there’s only one thing that prohibits union. The yin yang lessons of light weren’t learned.

We go through life being content with our family values. God expects us to follow the straight and narrow and when we pass, we’ll be rewarded with a golden ticket into his Kingdom. But, if we stray out of the guidelines, we’re punished to eternal damnation. It’s simple..follow the rules and be good humans.

Without too much emphasis on how completely wrong the above paragraph is, I’m going to explain why that analogy works here.

Various Dynamics of Yin Yang

Yin and Yang are thought of as opposing, but also complementary forces. A shadow can’t exist without the light.

In linguistics, a bound morpheme is a morpheme that can appear only as a part of a larger expression. A free morpheme, or unbound morpheme, is one that can stand alone.

Both the words Yin and Yang are – you guessed it – bound morpheme.

Twin Soul is a split energetic form that separates into yin and yang versions of itself. Twin Souls are bound.

Lessons of Light

Every soul incarnates for the purpose of balancing karma, learning lessons, and soul growth. In the Twin Flame connection, both twins have to learn their lessons before they can come into union.

The Twin Flame journey is turbulence. When they meet it triggers an awakening in one of them. Usually the feminine. Quickly the bliss of the honeymoon stage fades as inequity from their past lives surfaces for clearing.

We all hold past transgressions and painful memories stored within our auric field and chakra systems. That includes all past lives and this one. Those energies are still present in our cellular structure waiting to be rectified.

The twin’s discordant frequencies clash and create chaos. No longer resonating, they’re too off-balance to stay together.

Lessons of Light = Balance & Harmony

All of us need to claim our sovereignty. The twins do this while in separation. They also clear the 3D collective consciousness belief patterns.

OR one of them does. They both didn’t learn the lessons of light.

The other hasn’t learned that fear takes away your power. Fear is a state of mind created when tapped into lower thoughtforms. They must consciously release the energy everyone else has placed in their auric field and return to harmony.

They must take back their personal power they’ve given to others.

How is this lesson of light accomplished? By putting up boundaries. By speaking their truth.

Our painful, unsatisfying earthly relationships are a result of inner feelings of unworthiness, guilt, fear, failure, and rejection.

Walk the Straight & Narrow or Choose Eternal Damnation

Tying in my second paragraph, both twins must acknowledge their divine beingness. Follow inner guidance, not the ego. I assure you that nobody came to earth to make our decisions for us.

If we base our decisions around what other people would think, we cheat ourselves out of something amazing. Learning the lesson of light and standing in our truth no matter who it’s going to upset is the path to ascension.

Staying in a karmic relationship is cruel to all involved. That restricts that person from finding their own happiness and gives them a false belief of where your heart is. You’re also doing humanity a disservice because yin/yangers are here on a divine mission.

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Negative based relationships are fear-based and limiting. Sacred relationships are love-based and spirit inspired. They focus on unity, yet allow freedom of expression.

The symbol for Yin Yang is depicted in both my and my twin’s zodiacal signs which is a neat synchronicity.

I understand that this earth walk is unique for each of us, therefore this post was written in total non-judgment.

Love & Courage!