Fear Ruins Your Best Life

Are you living your best life? Sure, you might be happy, healthy, and successful, but is there anything about your life you would change? Maybe something that fear has stopped you from achieving? Without a doubt, fear ruins your best life. And you might be racking up negative karma for allowing it to happen.

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The Illusion of Fear

People get trapped in low vibrations by holding on to limiting beliefs, past traumas, and judgments.

We all have trauma from life experiences. What we do about it defines our soul growth. Holding on to it keeps the low-vibe cycle going. Forgiving and releasing trauma will raise your vibration.

So many people are too scared to move on from trauma. Sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck and too scary to step into sovereignty. Likewise, people are afraid to face their problems, so nothing ever changes.

For example, if someone in your past hurt you it could be hard to forgive them. Begin to recognize that hurt people, hurt people.

If you understand that people pass on trauma that they learned you can change your perspective.

Healing begins when you release it, so it has no control over your feelings or actions.

Fear is How Others Control You

You can’t live your best life if you’re a people pleaser!

Taking back your personal power is the only way you can truly live your best life. This means that every decision in your life is 100% what you want. What someone else wants can’t dictate your life.

So, if you are sacrificing your own happiness because you’re afraid someone will be upset, then they have control over you.

In fact, this happens in many different ways:

  • playing a sport because your dad did
  • going to the college your parents want you to
  • choosing a career to follow in your family’s footsteps
  • breaking up with someone because your friends don’t approve
  • letting people disrespect you to avoid conflict

The above circumstances betray who you are. You can’t allow fear to sacrifice your own happiness. Anyone who will be mad at you for doing what makes you happy isn’t worth having a relationship with.

Don’t waste your time on earth doing what other people want you to do. Stop letting fear limit your experiences.

Consequently, you’re racking up negative karma for giving away your power.

The Law of Resistance

This Universal Law says that what we resist we draw to us, and its influence on life.

Resistance is fear so it has to be karmically resolved.

The law of resistance insist that we let go of fear by encountering it. Then, deal with it by learning conscious detachment.

For example, if you consciously detach from the negativity or conflict someone is giving you then the problem will resolve. If you’re not affected by this problem, then it’s no longer a problem.

Bravely going forth and living your own truth is what we all came here to do.

We chose to incarnate upon the manifest plane to rise above fear.

Learn how to cut energetic cords with toxic people.

Fear Ruins Your Best Life

Not everyone is going to like what you do, say, or think. It’s part of our mission to remember to love ourselves first. We didn’t come here to people please. We came to do our inner work with a puzzle piece no one else has. It’s time we all honor that.

We’re being asked to observe the fear that’s emerging that keeps us from moving forward to the next level of enlightenment. Each level has its own test, trials, and pitfalls. Many of us hinder our own progress because we can’t let go of deep core energy patterns.

You can NOT progress until you break free from the bonds of fear.

Your soul is asking you to jump into the river of your own passion. It’s time to awaken your heart felt desires.

Now is the time to change your narrative to exactly what you want.

Therefore, consider taking that leap of faith and doing what scares you anyway!

Commit to Joy!


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