Powerful Strange Love & Light

By now, most are familiar with the spiritual community adopting the motto, “love and light”. As we are in the midst of an evolution, we spiritual folk are working overtime to spread that stuff everywhere. That’s because we know that the only thing that actually exists is love. Powerful, strange love.

However, the word ‘love’ will generally trigger the thought of a romantic connection rather than love for your brothers, sisters, and all of creation. While romance is a precious experience, just regular love from within your heart space is what we mean by, “love and light.”

In the spirit of romantic love, I’m sharing a few strange facts on the subject.

Love is Strange

Love in all its complexities is three feelings in one. These are lust, attraction, and attachment.

According to a meta-analysis study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it only takes a 5th of a second to fall in love.

The researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine did a study with the subjects connected to a computer-controlled thermal stimulator. When the subject’s hands were zapped while looking at photos of a loved one, they experienced fewer levels of pain.

The feeling of being in love is similar to the feeling of being high. Kinsey Institute published a study in Frontier Psychology finding that the brain in love acts similar to a brain on cocaine.

Consequently, the early stages of a romantic relationship show signs of substance addiction like euphoria, cravings, withdrawal, and emotional dependence. Wow. Talk about powerful, strange love!

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for critical thinking, rational behavior, and self-awareness. Research has found that when sexually aroused, this part of the brain is cut off. So, love can make you have ditzy moments.

High levels of happy hormones like dopamine are released when you’re in love. These give the giddy feeling, and a belly full of fireflies. Because those hormones control every thought, you may become less hungry.

Couples in love can experience physiological symptoms says a study conducted by University of California, Davis. The heartbeat of someone in love was found to actually synch up with their beloved. This is called synchs of the heart.

Maybe that explains why the heart can really break. A condition called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is when the heart’s main pumping chamber weakens due to severe emotional or physical stress. This has been found primarily in females thus far.

So, the next time you hear someone say, “love and light” remember that the ‘love’ they’re sending is just regular heart space love. Likewise, next time you fall in love and start behaving strangely, remember that, well, love is strange.

Love & Light!