Make a Talisman

Do you believe in lucky charms? Studies show that many people do. Other languages have words similar to talisman that mean “lucky charm”. The word tilsam is the ancient Greek verb telein, meaning “to initiate into the mysteries.” Do you know how to make a talisman?

Similar to Witch Bottles

Love Spell Jar

Witches bottles or spell jars are versatile and customized for a variety of needs. You can read about how to make those here. You can literally enchant anything. Talismans and amulets are both good examples of this.

They are both charmed for specific reasons. Amulets ward something off and talismans attract something.  Think in terms of crystals that are associated with astrological signs, rabbit’s foot, and four-leaf clovers for good luck.

You can combined the idea behind the witch bottle with a talisman.

A talisman can be made in a bottle like a witches bottle without so many correspondences. Witches bottles are usually full of stuff to support a spell of some sort. Talismans are usually jewelry or something you carry on you.

This way, the person isn’t wearing it but it doesn’t hold a spell.

Make a Talisman

Hold the talisman in your hands and concentrate. Take a few moments to meditate on the object. Concentrate and visualize your intention into it. Your intuition will tell you when i’ts done. Place it in a small bottle.

You can find the tools needed to make your own talisman here.

Happy Crafting!