Idea Behind Witch Bottles

spell jar at an altar

The idea behind witch bottles was to protect against evil spirits or magical attacks. These countermagical devices attract and trap harmful intentions. Described in historical sources in England and the United States, they appeared in the 17th century.

Eventually, the idea behind witch bottles expanded to spell jars. A desire, to banish, or to attract something is sealed in a jar. Witches create spell jars for really anything imaginable, but the most popular is for protection, abundance, and love.

Spell jars are fun and easy to make. There is no wrong way to make one. Want to try it out for yourself? Below are some easy DIY ideas from my own apothecary.

Before Crafting an Idea Behind Your Witch Bottles

When choosing your correspondences, research what magical properties support your bottle. For example, some properties that rosemary is used for is protection, cleansing, and strength. Any herb in your kitchen cabinet can be used.

But don’t stop at only herbs. Literally, anything can be added to your spell jar. Some examples are:

spell jar at an altar
  • charms
  • name paper or petition paper
  • pictures
  • oils
  • crystals
  • fruit
  • flower petals
  • ribbon
  • hair
  • fingernails
  • anything from nature
  • string
  • jewelry
  • ashes

The list could go on and on. Sympathetic magick is using objects to represent the event (or person) you want to influence. Use anything you associate your intention with.

I’ll use a panther for example. The panther spirit animal represents protection, so a picture or Oracle card of a panther could be used in a protection ritual. However, I associate panthers with my beloved, so that wouldn’t work for me. It’s all about how you feel towards something.

Enchant the Components of your Witch Bottles

herbs for a spell jar

Enchant the components with your intended idea behind your witch bottle. Close your eyes and open your crown chakra. Imagine a bright light – whatever color you wish – coming down from the divine and flowing into your crown chakra.

Cup the components in your hands holding them close to your mouth. Breathe in slowly but deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth towards the correspondences. On every exhale imagine the same color forming a cloud around them. Do this nine times while mentally stating your intention of what you wish the correspondences to do. 

Or you could simply ask them to do what your intention is. Be sure to thank them.

Place your correspondences inside the bottle. Secure the lid. Place a candle on top. A birthday candle works well because it burns quickly. To steady the candle, burn the bottom then quickly fasten it on the lid. The wax will secure it. Light the candle and meditate on your intention while the candle is burning. The wax will seal in the spell as it drips down and around the bottle.

Enchantment for Two Witch Bottle

Love Spell Jar

Enchantment for Two is fashioned for couples. Using the details of the pair of you, engineer a spell bottle with the assistance of your zodiac properties. Use correspondences supporting love along with clear intentional energy.

Love Spell Jar

Sweetin’ them Up is the Idea Behind this Witch Bottle

Sweeten them up Spell Jar

Anytime our bosses, egoist ex-lover’s or co-workers start acting sour, we can enchant their sweet spot with witches bottles. Sweet properties like organic honey, brown sugar, and coconut flakes can be used to throw our sweetness on them.

Write the name of who you wish to sweeten up on a small piece of paper. Fold the paper three times or at least small enough to fit inside the bottle. If you are using non-liquids like coconut flakes or sweet morsels, you can fold them inside the name paper.

sweet spell jar

Pour liquid sweets like honey, agave, or syrup over the paper. Any other nonliquids can be placed inside the bottle, on top, or around the name paper. Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with liquid sweets. But leave just enough room to be able to shake the bottle and the liquid still move about. Secure the lid.

Anytime you feel this person acting sour towards you, work your bottle by shaking it with your intention in mind.

Hale & Hearty Witch Bottle

Spell Jar

Trying to live zen can be challenging when life happens. Humans are built with emotions not easily controlled all the time.  If grains of sand escape your perfectly groomed zen garden, use the gifts from Mother Gaia to banish negative energy. 

This jar is filled with growth, strengthening & healing properties. Pine needles, oatmeal, and an old skeleton key radiate positive energies. These correspondences keep vitality on your side and stress level down.

You could also write your intention on a small piece of paper. Fold the paper three times or at least small enough to fit inside the bottle. Place your correspondences on top and around the petition paper. I used a Bay leaf to write the intention of health in this bottle.

Spell Jar with pine leafs

Lucky You Spell Witch Bottle

Change bad luck spell jar
Vitality Spell Jar

Everyone can benefit from a lucky charm, so how about trying a lucky witch bottle? Fill it with items that represent and attract luck your way. This one has a wishbone and a lucky penny “heads up” on display.

The idea behind a witches bottle can be a magical touch to any room. Write a word or small phrase on a Bay Leave for extra oomph.

Lucky you Spell Jar with a penny

Sweet Dreams Spell Charm

Do you know what else you could seal a spell in? Anything! So try a charm. The idea behind a witches bottle can be added to anything. My spellwork buddy, (my youngest son) and I made this charm for my niece when she was having trouble sleeping peacefully through the night.

blue candle, sweet dreams spell charm

Living inside this charming bottle is a melatonin tablet, silver shimmer, and a scented cotton ball. The properties are bounded with the intention of a restful night’s sleep.

Use a mortar and pestle or a bowl and a spoon to bust up melatonin. Place a drop of blue or purple dye on top of a couple of chunks. Tear a small piece of cotton ball and place it in the same bowl, soaking up the excess dye.

blue candle, silver star, spell charm

Drop essential oil of lavender, lemon, chamomile, or rosemary on the cotton. Sprinkle shimmer on top of the “clouds” and place inside the charm bottle with tweezers. If you have crystal chips, rose quartz works well to support rest.

My son prefers chaos magick over ceremonial order, but I’m a practitioner of ritual magick. I always use a candle in spellwork. Use color magick when selecting your candle. Blue, silver, yellow, or lilac are good for this intention.

blue candle, sweet dreams spell charm

Or choose a decorative candle with a moon, clouds, or depicted with something to represent getting rest. Tell the candle to support the energy of getting undisturbed rest into the correspondences. Secure the lid of the charm bottle and drip the wax from your candle to fasten a charm of a star or moon on top.

Believe in Your Idea Behind Your Witch Bottles

Your intention and the strong belief in your own power is important when doing spell work. There is an invisible life force inside of you and the only limits are the ones you place on yourself. Skeptical about how magical you actually are? Then hop on your besom and Bibidi Boppidy Boo over there and read all about it.

“Our psyche can function as though space did not exist. The psyche can thus be independent of space, of time, and of causality. This explains the possibility of magic.”

~Dr. Carl G. Jung – A Collection of Remembrances; Pages 51-70

Think Law of Attraction. If you believe it will work, it will. You can go beyond logic.

Blessed Be!

Victoria 🔮