DIY Magnificent Magnesium Bath

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells. It helps maintain physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, a deficiency is a global health crisis. Because of magnesium’s multiple roles, it’s difficult to diagnose the source of issues. What’s more, most people are asymptomatic. However, we can absorb magnesium through the skin. Consider a health-beneficial DIY magnificent magnesium bath.

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Magnesium Deficiency

Surprisingly, more than two-thirds of us have insufficient magnesium levels. Deficiencies promote fatigue, anxiety, poor memory, and insomnia. Indeed, it helps muscle nerve function, blood pressure, and the immune system.

Without a doubt, we lose magnesium through excess adrenaline and urine.

DIY Magnificent Magnesium Bath Benefits

Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. Specifically, the major component in Epsom Salt is magnesium. Therefore, it’s easy to create a DIY magnificent magnesium bath. By reverse osmosis, these minerals detox the body. Overall, this is a drug-free remedy to alleviate pain.

To break it down, this mineral performs more functions of the body than any other mineral. It’s also responsible for:

  • improves insulin levels
  • prevents arteries from hardening
  • helps absorb Vitamin D
  • reduces stress
  • improves nerve function
  • improves concentration

Magnesium Bath

Taking a magnesium supplement can help prevent magnesium deficiency. However, not everyone likes swallowing capsules. Soaking in a magnesium salt bath calms and relaxes the mind and body. Consequently, we can fall asleep faster.

Magnesium flakes are an excellent option to supplement magnesium. It also provides powerful anti-inflammatory effects, reduces stress, eliminates toxins in the body, and relieves muscle aches and pains.

What other benefits can you get?

Enhance Spiritual Awareness – When we’re calm and emotionally in tune, we’re more receptive to love and life. This can open our intuition and help us be more creative and understanding.

Smelly Feet – Salt kills the odor-causing bacteria of smelly feet. It stops bacteria growth and is a treatment for athlete’s foot.

Happy Bathing!