Can We Choose Our Reaction?

We live in a world of duality so there’s no escaping conflict. In the case of conflict, our initial reaction seems to be the catalyst for further disruption. Consequently, we find ourselves in a vicious cycle with no solution. But, is this fair? Can we choose our reaction? What if we actually can’t choose how we react but rather how we respond?

Free Will

Anyone in tune with their spirituality will attest that we were all given free will. The Supreme Creator has gifted us with the learning curve to do as we wish. In this case, does belief in free will make us less compassionate towards ourselves?

Undoubtedly, we can’t choose our desires or fears. Thoughts simply arise spontaneously in our human biology. With regards to our involuntary thoughts, how can reactions be considered free will?

Naturally, we can’t choose our initial reaction to an event. However, we can readjust our subsequent response.

Simply stated, our reaction is formed on the experience of a traumatic event. If we could choose to be happy and blissful at all times, we would choose that.

Clearly, how we internally react to anything happens immediately.

Can We Choose Our Reaction & Reponse?

With this respect, we can choose our subsequent response, right? Probably not.

Let me explain. Surrounding that response is dependent upon the time spent on a different way of thinking. We can’t be different from how we are at this moment.

We radically become aware of self during a spiritual awakening. In other words, we find our paramount reason for being and incorporate personal growth. Inner healing work is needed now more than ever.

Typically, reactions just happen. Keep this in mind when you’re on both ends of a dispute. All things considered, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling targeted. Those still vibrating within 3-dimensional frequencies can’t resonate with your perspectives.

Becoming the New Human

The new human lives from a soul perspective. Therefore, it requires being fully conscious of your innate power and connectedness.

The connection between self-transformation, self-discovery, & awakening is undeniable. The universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws. In other words, these regulatory vibrations maintain order. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. If you transgress a law, you can be assured of suffering.

How you resonate in your personal atmosphere has a direct impact on what you draw into your experience. The path to realization is also a path to enlightenment. This group will help you feel comfortable in your own energy and help you understand the skills you naturally hold.

As a result of self-discovery, you can see, understand, and live as the truth of the Creator.

The spiritual path can be very lonely. When we awaken relationships fall away. That’s because we no longer resonate with the vibration frequency as those still sleeping.

We all know that we’re a part of something that’s far greater than us.

Live Enchanted Today!