Divine Messages

When we start our awakening the world as we know it changes drastically. We are confused, we think we’re losing our mind, and nobody can relate on any level. This is especially true when we don’t know we started our awakening.

Well, the good thing to know is that we are right, and yes, we are losing our minds. We unlearn the matrix of the third dimension and we remember what we really are – multidimensional spirits. Thus we connect with the spiritual realm more often. This can be frightening for someone who wasn’t intuitive, to begin with.

There’s no need for fright because the communication we are receiving from the ether is our guides, angels, and sometimes our passed over loved ones. For the sake of this post let’s assume we are receiving angelic guidance and review Angel Numbers.

Cryptic Messages

Angels vibrate on a much different frequency than we do, which prohibits direct communication. An alternate way to grab our attention is through synchronicities, and the most common mode is number sequences. Repeating sequences of numbers carry significant meanings for us. They can be warnings, guidance, or comforting encouragement.

I noticed I kept encountering the same number for several days. The same time of the day, the number of likes on a FB post, and the number of views on a YouTube video. I Googled the meaning of said number and discovered Angel Numbers.

Confirmation of Angels being with me and actually sending me messages is appreciably soothing. These messages tend to show up during transformational times in our lives. Angels are drawn to our heightened vibration so they often show up during a spiritual awakening. The following are pivotal times to receive their guidance as well:

  • we need to move on from a downgrading career
  • we need to move on from a dysfunctional relationship
  • we’ve fallen away from our true life’s purpose and we are going in the wrong direction
  • we are feeling isolated and are in need of divine love
  • we’ve been through a trauma and are ready to heal
  • they want to reassure us that we are heading towards the right direction
  • a number connected to abundance can guide us to money
  • they want to send us unconditional love

Specific Numerical Meaning

We are typically sent repeating sequences of numbers such as 777, 1234, and 1111. But individual numbers have specific meanings. Below is a synopsis of general meanings individual numbers hold:

  • 0:  divine reassurance
  • 1:  need to stay positive
  • 2: we are on the right path
  • 4:  Angels are helping us heal
  • 5:  changes are coming
  • 6: need to balance, we’re focusing on material matters
  • 7:  luck is on our side
  • 8: abundance and prosperity is coming
  • 9:  we are in a good place to act on our desires
  • 11: listen to our intuition for decision making
  • 13: spiritual growth is happening
  • 22: success is coming so we need to be patient

We should intuit any documented meaning a number may have for our specific scenario. We can interpret sequences by the meanings of single numbers, but sometimes these messages are more complex than just the conjunction of numbers. Angel number sequences don’t always just contain repetitions of the same number and commonly come in forms of mixed sequences.

Some common numbers that I’ve been seeing lately include:

234 – a reminder that all is well, no matter what difficulties we are going through.

333 – angels are just nearby, ready to help and reassure us that our plans are going well.

555 – usually symbolizes a really big change, so better get ready for it.

711 – being guided to keep our thoughts and feelings positive in order to attract positive things.

Fulfill Life’s Purpose

Angel Number sequences carry the message that we’re not alone and they want to see us continue on the right path. Sometimes these numbers are warnings of things we need to change or avoid. The Angels see our struggles and offer their help. They support us in navigating our path towards our desired aspirations.

The Angels want to see us succeed in serving our divine purpose. Many times the messages are about changes that are about to manifest in our lives. The Angels want us to know that these changes are for our highest good and to go with the flow. In times of indecision, the universe can send messages so we can feel confident in our choices.

Maybe we’re struggling with finding our life path so the Angels are nudging us with their help to discover it.

Divine Forces

When we notice the messages sent by our Angels we instantly feel protected by the higher forces. When we are rewarded with these gifts we should apply them and show gratitude. The divine realm knows our heart’s desires so they can offer the best guidance.

Angel Numbers showing up in our lives during the development of a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe can be extremely helpful. For an extended understanding of the meanings behind these messages, I recommend these websites:





Victoria ☯︎