How To Own Your Spirituality

It’s so important for people to connect to who they are. However, most are afraid to publicly step into their spiritual awakening. Fear of ridicule from the mainstream media holds a lot of us back. But, the thing is, right now the world is in a mass awakening. This is the time of evolution. Learn how to own your spirituality.

Fear is Going to Mess You Up

You have to remember that fear is a way to control. Definitely, the fear of being different holds too many back from what they are truly meant for. We didn’t come here to be popular or to follow the crowd.

Matter of fact, we came here to do just the opposite. The world is in a mass awakening for a reason. This is the first time that humans know our true divinity. Unfortunately, fear or embarrassment of going against society is strong.

To clarify, a spiritual awakening can be lonely. All these new parts of our self come to the surface, and our spiritual gifts become prominent.

Now IS the time to Own Your Spirituality

Not only is it the time that humanity is being called to embrace spiritual roots, but the benefits are amazing. For this reason, by taking a more holistic approach, we can heal ourselves on all levels.

In general, a transformation entails uncovering what’s beneath the consciousness to bring deep changes. It’s not about treating symptoms but rather acknowledging root psyche situations. Achieving dreams happens after removing limiting beliefs.

  • consciously create
  • own your power
  • growth
  • shift your subconscious

All in all, our perception changes drastically moment by moment. Assessing and learning exercises to re-program our sub-conscious works to our advantage. After all, understanding the processes in how things work supports constant growth. Applying how you learn as an individual brings the most abundant progress.

It’s important to realize that energy goes where attention flows. Indeed, that’s why we are manifesting all the time. In reality, conscious living allows us to create our reality.

Reconnecting with and honoring our divine dualities is important. In short, we have to tap into our place of balance, healing, rejuvenation, creativity, love, compassion, empathy, and mystical wisdom.

More of us are interested in finding our life’s purpose, and who’s not looking for the truth? It’s so important for everyone to understand the lessons they’ve come to learn. Essentially, you can cultivate all of that and have passion in life. Matter of fact, that may bring you passion.

Learn How to Own Your Spirituality

Wouldn’t it be nice to stand in all your glory and truth? Do you want to uncover what truly brings you happiness?  

Arriving at that place requires letting go, purging, releasing, and shifting. With this in mind, you gotta make space for opportunities. You have to learn how to own your spirituality.

Nonetheless, releasing stagnation and healing old traumas is hard. Consequently, there are huge benefits to energy work. The Community offers a unique blend of guidance and support. Given these points, the modalities to do this are vast.

For example, some of these include working to uncover and clear deep soul stuff as found in these workbooks:

Love Yourself is an Achievement

All things considered, you have to know, see, and feel that you’re a divine being. You’re made of stardust, love, and power. Ultimately, self-discovery is a worthy endeavor.

Create a sacred space to heal, grow, and accept the truth of the perfect being that you already are.

It’s time to discover how magical you really are!

With the Highest of Highest Love & Bright Shiny Blessings!

🕉 Victoria 🕉