Hale & Hearty Honey

If you’ve lived on planet Earth for more than six months, you’ve heard of honey. But, what do you really know about honey? Probably that Winnie the Pooh is addicted and it pairs well with nut Cheerios. There’s a reason this post is titled, Hale & Hearty Honey. Honey is the epitome of a superfood.…… Continue reading Hale & Hearty Honey

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The Absentee of the Bee

The bee definitely stands out amongst the pollinators of the world – butterflies, hummingbirds, and bats. Their vital role in the ecosystem is highly taken for granted. A direct result of their labor is highlighted in every third bite of our food. The hard work of the bee is actually the key to our existence.…… Continue reading The Absentee of the Bee


Our friends have qualities in which we enjoy their company. Friends are encouraging, they help us overcome challenges and they care for our well being. Spirit animals do all of those things and are quite interesting. The bee spirit symbolizes personal power and nature, as in creating life. The most common message we learn from…… Continue reading Bee-FF