Our friends have qualities in which we enjoy their company. Friends are encouraging, they help us overcome challenges and they care for our well being. Spirit animals do all of those things and are quite interesting. The bee spirit symbolizes personal power and nature, as in creating life.

The most common message we learn from the bee is about productivity. Bee’s have mastered balance in this area. A bee’s work ethic is very strong, but they also know to take time to play and to stop and smell the roses. The bee spirit can teach us a lot about working in groups, our social nature, and the community.

Symbolic Value of Providence

The Bee has a major part to play in the on-going life cycle of our crops. Einstein taught us the importance of bees to the ecosystem. He predicted that if they disappeared, the human race would only survive for four years. One out of every four bites of food we indulge in is thanks to the bee’s pollination.

Out of 20,000 species of bees, the world depends primarily on the Honey Bee. They go from flower to flower pollinating to enrich the world with crops. The Bee also provides us with wax, honey, and pollinate the alfalfa seeds used for beef and dairy feed. Honey is delicious on almost anything, and it never expires. Honey also has medicinal and antibacterial uses.

Bees provide the only food we eat from an insect – honey. The Honey Bee is highly intelligent. They don’t build their waste-room inside the comb for the risk of contaminating their food or infecting their offspring. They even produce an antibiotic substance called propolis. This sticky plant resin sterilizes the hive and shields against diseases and infections. The propolis also prevents the spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The Bee Knows No Limits

When facing impossible odds, the bee is a great friend to turn to. A widely debated myth saying aerodynamically, bees should not be able to fly has been discredited. Numerous facts about the bee were not considered in the original calculations that created the rumor. Scientists, engineers, and entomologists have debunked the myth but also shown that the bee is even more astounding.

The illusion is in the speed at which bees are able to beat their wings – 200 times a second! This creates complex patterns of vortices and amplifies the force of movement through the air. Super impressive.

It’s said that bumblebees don’t fly, they do what’s called an acoustic levitation. They have a hollow cavity next to the larynx, and when they beat their wings they resonate with the energy of the cavity. When they match 7.83Hz of mother earth’s magnetic field, they become surrounded in an electromagnetic field, which enables levitation.

The Chinese bumblebee amazed researchers when they discovered that even in air pressure low enough to suffocate most other animals, the bee is still capable of flight. Altering the angular velocity of their wings, bees increased their amplitude of wing stroke that compensated for the thin air.

The bee is a master of miracles as they seem to always find an elusive solution.

Divine Messenger

The bee has a theme of life. The bee’s work of pollinating the land for crops to grow can be compared to divine work. Most monasteries keep beehives fort their gardens, and to produce honey to sell to visitors. A monastery’s structure is similar to the structure of a hive, wherein it’s a community that works together.

The Bible references to honey comparing it with purity and abundance. In the Gospel of Luke, after Jesus’ resurrection, his disciples gave him fish and a honeycomb to eat. The Promised Land for the Israelites is described in Exodus 3:17 as “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

Bee Spirit is very helpful when you’re working with solar magic, particularly sun Goddesses. She also supports success when it feels like you’ve reached a standstill in a project or goal.

The Honeycomb Conjecture

…that vast book which stands forever opened before our eyes, I mean the universe, … cannot be read until we have learned the language… It is written in mathematical language, … without which… it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word.”

Galileo, the Father of Modern Science

Honeybees are nature’s mathematicians. Using their intelligence, they calculate angles and the roundness of the earth to design their hives. They are made from beeswax in tightly packed cells forming a hexagon called a honeycomb. A hexagon is made up of six sides, which are symbolic of communication, union, balance, and love.

Bees chose a geometrical shape that is economical for the storage of honey with the least amount of wax. Hexagons have advantages over other shapes, one being its the strongest. The pattern is so strong that less material is needed to support the weight in the thin walls. Bees make the walls of the cells 3k times thinner than a sheet of paper.

The polariscope pattern by a structural engineer is calculated by much mathematics. It’s so complex that only a computer can actually calculate it.

Bees love to Dance

Bees don’t calculate all the possibilities for the shortest route, they can detect ultraviolet and polarized light from the sun. Their eyes are a solar compass that determines the precise location at any time. Their internal clock estimates the sun’s new position throughout the day.

They use their solar compass and internal clock while they do the waggle dance. This dance tells workers what angle to travel away from the sun for food.

Through the dance, they relay information about the distance to a source of food. When they dance longer, the food is further away, and vice versa in shorter durations. The more excited they appear, the greater the source of the food will be.

Bees are our Best Friends

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Albert Einstein

With a myriad of more unique, amazing qualities not mentioned here, the bee is a divine gift. In the bee we may see an unlikely small insect, however, a large symbolic lesson is there.

Our ecosystem depends on the vital role of the bees pollinating plants. Nearly 90% of the world’s flowering plants depend on the pollinators to reproduce. One-third of everything Americans eat comes from their busy hard work. Without pollination, the food plants can’t make seeds.

Due to poor beekeeping practices, decreasing crop diversity, pesticides, human activity, and climate change, the numbers of the bees are declining.

All of the earth community including all the beings, have fundamental rights including the right to exist, the right to have a habitat, and the right to participate in the evolution of earth. We wrongly believe that our mastery of human rights cancel out the right of the other beings to exist.

To create a future for the benefit of the whole is of the essence. Protecting the sweetly divine honeybee by way of action can influence others to follow suit. There are resources available for citizen action include learning about beekeeping, getting involved politically, and joining groups that offer opportunities to provide our pollinators with a safe environment.


Victoria ☯︎